Power stat vs Str or Magic

How do you replace the Str or Mag stat with Power? Is there a patch, or something else?


Do you mean just changing the name of the stat(s)? They’re text strings you can edit. Just search “str”.

You’ll also have to replace the description and any other references to “strength” or “magic” but it’s pretty straight forward.

Can you remove a stat? I’m trying to patch a hack that uses Skill Systems, so I’m having to remove Str or Mag depending on the class of the character.

Eh no you don’t
Just let the mage characters with zero str stat and non mage with zero mag and done
I don’t see the problem with that
Or if you like the old school then try to make or find a patch that allows you to use skills without splitting Pow stat

Are you going to make a new thread for this topic every day, username charles7890?

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