Potential Support Partners/Conversations in Fire Emblem Thracia 776 Remake

As I was looking through Fire Emblem Thracia 776, my brain always wondered what Fire Emblem Thracia 776 would look like in a remake when Support Partners/Conversations are added. I was probably wondering what the Thracia 776 cast will have for their backstory and having some interaction with each other.

Remember the Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valencia where we had GBA supports, Thracia 776 remake might have supports that flesh out the characters with the events before and during Thracia 776.

So I made some potential support possibilities, most of it is purely speculation and all. I’m no fortune teller and psychic.

The units you are curious about are from the chapters they’re from and I got it all set up and ready to take a look at.

The limit of Supports would be 7 in total like the GBA Era to make it easy.

Chapter 1

Leif supports Finn, Nanna, Miranda, Mareeta, Linoan, Asbel, and Xavier
Finn supports Leif, Nanna, Callion, Selphina, Xavier, Glade
Osian supports Halvan, Tanya, Marty, Ralph, Alva
Halvan supports Osian, Marty, Tanya, Troude, Kane
Eyvel… She is MIA most of the game due to being Stoned and lacking much support. But if there are base supports in the remake, then I suppose it would be Mareeta, Dagdar
Dagdar supports Tanya, Marty, Pan, Ralph, Eyvel
Tanya supports Dagdar, Osian, Halvan, Marty
Marty supports Dagdar, Osian, Halvan, Lithis, Tanya

Chapter 2

Ronan supports Lithis, Tanya, Robert, Illios

Chapter 3

Lithis supports Safie, Shiva, Pan, Marty, Tina
Safie supports Lithis, Linoan, Tina, Eda, Shiva

Chapter 4

Machua supports Brighton, Fergus
Brighton supports Machua, Hicks, Dalsin,
Lara supports Pan, Troude, Brighton, Machua
Fergus supports Karin, Machua, Nanna, Dermott, Homer
Karin supports Fergus, Misha, Ced
Dalsin supports Brighton, Hicks

Chapter 4x

Asbel supports Leif, Ced, Homer, Linoan, Olwen

Chapter 5

Nanna supports Leif, Finn, Mareeta, Selphina

Chapter 6

Hicks supports Brighton, Dalsin, Ced

Chapter 7

Shiva supports Lithis, Safie, Troude, Shanam,

Chapter 8

Callion supports Selphina, Finn, Robert, Kane, Alva, Alfred

Chapter 9

Selphina supports Glade, Finn, Nanna, Xavier
Robert supports Kane, Alva, Ronan
Kane supports Alva, Halvan, Robert, Callion
Alva supports Kane, Osian, Fergus, Robert, Callion

Chapter 11x

Alfred supports Olwen, Amalda, Callion
Olwen supports Alfred, Amalda, Asbel, Miranda, Saias

Chapter 12

Mareeta supports Shanam, Galzus, Nanna, Leif, Eyvel

Chapter 12x

Salem supports Sarah, Pan
Pan supports Lithis, Lara, Troude, Dagdar
Troude supports Pan, Shiva, Shanam
Tina supports Safie, Pan, Lithis

Chapter 13

Glade supports Selphina, Finn

Chapter 14

Dean supports Eda, Linoan, Karin
Eda supports Dean, Linoan, Machua
Homer supports Shanam, Fergus

Chapter 14x

Linoan supports Leif, Dean, Safie, Eda

Chapter 15

Ralph supports Osian, Shiva, Dagdar

Chapter 16A

Schroff supports Amalda
Illios supports Ronan

Chapter 17A

Misha supports Karin
Sarah supports Salem

Chapter 16B

Sarah supports Salem
Miranda supports Leif, Conomor
Shanam supports Homer

Chapter 18

Xavier supports Leif, Selphina, Finn

Chapter 19

Amalda supports Schroff
Conomor supports Miranda

Chapter 21

Dermott supports Nanna, Fergus

Chapter 23

Saias supports Mareeta, Galzus, Olwen
Ced supports Asbel, Brighton, Hicks

Chapter 24

Galzus supports Mareeta, Saias

Judging from the possible support partners for a Thracia 776, I say that 95% of it may be inaccurate and incorrect or for the most absurd as the 5% makes the most sense.

Feel free to question my decision and why.