Possibility of a "Fire Emblem Maker" in the future?

So, ever since Mario Maker came out on WiiU, I’ve been wondering: will Nintendo / IS ever release an official suite that allows us to create our own FE game?

Given the complexity of such a task, I had doubted that until a few days ago, when WarGroove was released.
The game takes heavy inspiration from Advance Wars, and it has a HUGE campaign builder that allows you to create your own story, events, (world) maps and gameplay, and share your campaign with other owners of the game.

So I was wondering, what if one of the next FE games had a similar feature too?

Btw, try out WarGroove. For $20, it’s a great affair.


Seconding people to buy wargroove.
My response to fe maker is “probably not”. Wargroove did it because they’re indie and they can make good decisions.



I think all of us will be dead by the time that comes out


Well, maybe, maybe not. I’d say there’s a chance, but you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

On the other hand, I believe Kaga is going to be making a Vestaria Saga 2 after the english translation comes out. Maybe if we request it enough he’ll put it in the game.