Portrait Requests

Alrighty so I’m looking for someone who can make sprites or portraits of my main characters for the romhack I’m gonna do soon.

And just to clarify, it’s a request, not a commission considering I don’t have the money for that.

If you wanna DM me about it, my discord is Gridiron Yuki#5772

Generally you need to drum up interest in a project before people are willing to do anything for free. I suggest using placeholders from the repo and finishing a proof of concept if you want to inspire someone to do something for you.


Well i do have references for the characters but if you’re referring to the proof of concept of the romhack then I really don’t have the concept of that because i have a tablet and a android so I’m planning on getting a laptop either next month or next year which will probably be either February or March. So I’m aware that i gotta make things inspiring (Hope that didn’t come off as me being rude)

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That probably won’t inspire a lot of people to do you several freebies. People usually only invest effort into a project that they are either A.) Personally invested in, B.) Being paid for, or C.) See some potential in progress to a completed product.

As of currently, you’ve only got an idea and a potential laptop, so I’m really not sure if people are gonna jump on board to invest hours of their own work for that.

At best, someone might jump on once you present at least a few chapters of your hack done, so they know they aren’t putting resources into a pointless endeavor, but even then, not everybody runs a charity, and even people who DO like to do some charity won’t usually just help out any other project.

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What I’ll try to do is write some scripts for some chapters, that way I can be prepared when i do get a laptop. I know I really won’t get help but I do intend to make more effort into my romhack and I don’t intend to be lazy about it. I’ll try to make a map of it and once i get a laptop, i’ll post more of that on my concept topic.