Portrait Palette Reordering?

I had put together two portraits for a character in my hack to showcase different emotions (like Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn). The two portraits were made with the same colors and palette so I can switch them back and forth in dialogues without having to fade them out beforehand. And they worked as intended.

Then I decided to improve the portraits, still taking care to keep the colors the same. Now, somehow, the order of some of the colors are different between the two, which is a bit of a problem. Now, there is a visual glitch that occurs when I’m swapping out the two portraits (it lasts for just a split-second, but it’s still noticeable).

I’ve tried reordering the palettes using Usenti, but the program doesn’t save the new order. I’ve tried copying one portrait and pasting it over the other in hopes of using its palette order, to no avail. I don’t understand how the rough drafts worked but the new edits don’t. Has anyone had or heard of an issue like this before? If so, how could I remedy this situation? Any constructive assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Usenti can be a bit weird about saving the palette order properly. Save it in a new folder where there’s no version of that file and see if that works.

Thanks for the suggestion. At first, the palettes seemed to be in the same order in Usenti. However, when I loaded the portraits into FEditor, the palettes were, once again, in different order. I reopened them in Usenti, requantized the palettes, and noticed they were still out of order. I copied/pasted one portrait onto the other, and saved the portraits in different folders. Still, the problem persists.

First try to add the palette in the top-right corner of the image which is to be loaded to FEditor and find out whether that will solve your problem.
If you have a strong understanding of the struct of the portrait, then it will be easy to fixed by yourself even if the tool doesn’t support it. Reinsert the several related images with the right palette.

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Coloring my palette in the top-right corner of my portraits seems to have worked. Glad to know I can use that empty space for something. Thank you.

Another thing you can also do (since this is all Usenti’s fault) is:

  • Creat a new white-blank image in Paint
  • Load it in Usenti
  • Requantize to 16 and modify/adjust the first line of colors, putting them in any order you want
  • Load in a separate Usenti the previous image where the colors aren’t properly aligned
  • Copy the graphics and paste them over to your new blank image which also has the same colors
  • The image will look the same (it is the same basically) and the colors will properly save too