Portrait displaying oddly in statscreen

I’m trying to import a portrait into a ROM, but I’m having one problem.
In most cases, it displays fine:

However, only on the unit statscreen, it displays like this:

It looks like the top-right of his hat is being duplicated everywhere. I’ve been careful to always stay within the boundaries of the template, so I’m not sure what’s the problem here.

It looks like the side effect of old portrait extension patch. Do you apply any engine hacking patch related to portrait?

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Yes, that was exactly the issue. In a fruitless and desperate attempt to try to get Myson’s full hat into a portrait, I installed the “Exceed the Portrait Hackbox by Four Tiles” despite not fully knowing what it meant. It didn’t work, and it also so caused this issue. So I installed it, and now its fixed. Thank you!

It works but the version you installed hasn’t fixed that bug. PR to fix it.
What’s more, that is the 1st version of the portrait expansion. Latest version is much more powerful.
2nd version: [FE7] My New Portrait System That Supports A Full 96x80 or 80x96 box
3rd version: Enhanced Portrait Format Support for GBAFE
4th version: https://youtu.be/s4bXkgEQP74 Tool

I have a question.
“bugfix for mug_exceed_patch: noise tiles in stat screen” is for FE8J.
What about FE8U?
Is it already fixed?

No, it isn’t. Only FE8J has been fixed now. I think other versions can be fixed by changing the address.

I seem to have already made a routine for FE8U.
Included in FEBuilderGBA.
I forgot it.