Pokemon Icons

With Pokemblem up to Fuschia City, I’m wanting to replace some Iron Sword icons that I’m currently using for a few items, as well as plan the rest of the items found throughout the game.

These are icons that I already have (vanilla fe8 item palette):
ZoomLens by N426 BlackbeltByGabrielKnight Lens Beansy Cracked_Lens Beansy RockyHelmetByEpicer Scope Lens by Zmr WideLens by N426 LuckyBracerByBeansy LugiaShieldByCardCafe ReaperClothByBeansy LifeAndDeathSurgeByEreshkigal RockyHelmetByFeier WaryRingByBeansy RenewalRingByCardCafe WiseGlassesByEpicer Ho-ohShieldByCardCafe LuckyBracerByBeansy MuscleBandByZaim OldWardByCardCafe SacredStoneByN426 HyperPotionByJester SuperPotionByJester PotionByJester FireStoneByN426 WaterStoneByN426 LeafStoneByN426 ThunderStoneByN426 LinkStoneByN426 MoonStoneByN426 RareCandyByJester LuckByJester SecretTonicByJester CarbosByJester ZincByJester CalciumByJester IronByJester ProteinByJester HPUpByJester SteelIconByJester SteelByTeraspark BerryByN426 ChoiceBandByZaim MuscleBandByZaim QuickClawByHusbandoEmblem WiseGlassesByEpicer BugType LuckyBracerByBeansy DryingPanByN426 JellyDonutByN426

Some amazing users such as N426, Zaim, and Jester have made these icons. (See Pokemblem credits for more details.)

Some that I would like:
air-balloon assault-vest big-root choice-specs cleanse-tag destiny-knot escape-rope heart-scale exp-share grip-claw guard-spec kings-rock Leek_Sprite max-ether light-clay lucky-egg lucky-punch magnet mega stone metronome moomoo-milk plate protective-pads razor-claw razor-fang shed-shell shell-bell smooth-rock tm-normal spell-tag thick-club

If anyone would like to try their hand at making any of these, I would be appreciative! Feel free to improvise if you think a different angle or even a different object altogether would work better. Fe8 items are 16x16 and use a different palette compared with the 32x32 pokemon icons, so there isn’t always a great way to convey a certain item within the fe8 confines.

There are also some skills that I want to make into Pokemon themed held items. For example, I don’t know what an item that grants Galeforce or Amaterasu would be or look like, so I am very open to ideas.

Thank you for your time.


Mystery Dungeon has quick seeds that let Pokemon move twice on their turn. For a Galeforce item, you could reference quick seeds, like a band woven from quick seed leaves or something.


I have edited out new ones I’ve received to avoid multiple people making the same icon by mistake. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, after all.


The following were all made by Lukirioh (although a few are re-palettes of other’s work, such as the belt or band).

Choice ScarfAmulet CoinBlue ScarfBright PowderExpert BeltFire Stone

Flame OrbFocus BandFocus SashtGreen ScarfLeaf StoneLeftowers fe8V

Life OrbLuminous OrbMaximum RepelMental HerbMetal PowderMuscleBandByZaim

Orange ScarfPower HerbQuick PowderRed CardRed ScarfRepel

ReviveSacred Ash V2Soft Sand V2Soothe BellStar Dust V2Super Repel

Thunder StoneToxic SphereWater StoneWhite HerbWhite ScarfYellow Scarf

They look great, so thanks so much to him!
There are still more that I’m hoping to get over time, if anyone has the time & motivation. :sweat_smile:


Ves … I already made the choice scarf … Actually it’s the first item below that picture ._.
And also the luminous Orb that pickachu uses
It’s the yellow orb
And also the power Herb (the red one )
I mean items that are listed below but you don’t match it in the upper picture


Weakness Policy Weakness Policy
And some funny orbs
Red Orb Red Orb
Blue Orb Blue Orb
Jade Orb Jade Orb


Time to work on many of them

Ves could you check your discord server ? I have been making a lot of them … You can close this request cause I will personally take care of all of them with no problem bro these are what I have done until right now cause I’m still making them

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Also pokemon icon sprites are 32×32 but pokemon item icons are 24×24 And each item has his own palette :sweat_smile: