Pokemon Emerald: Complete National Dex Edition Egglocke


Howdy there! I’d like to begin an egglocke of Pokemon Emerald on the site, because I feel it’ll be a pretty cool way to combine the community in a challenge playthrough of one of my favorite games.
This isn’t any other playthrough of Pokemon Emerald, though, we’re playing Complete National Dex version! For those curious about what it is, here’s more information about it on romhacking.net. A quick TL:DR means we’re going to see more variety for trainers and especially Wild Pokemon…
What’s that, you say? Wild Pokemon? Those are so passé now. No, instead we’re going to be using eggs! But how will you send them over?
That’s simple! Just download PKHeX, tweak some thingeroonies to what you want, and send the .pkm over to @RandomWizard, who is our save manager.

If you have any other questions, check this document for more information.

Remember, send your egg files to @RandomWizard on Discord, not me!
The run will begin after enough submissions, but egg submissions will remain open throughout the entirety of the run unless otherwise stated.

With that out of the way, get sending!

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Current team:

imageSpr 4h 152.pngSpr 4h 227.pngSpr 4h 216.pngSpr 4h 172.png
Chapter 0: Prologue
Chapter 1: An Eggcellent Start


But seriously, let’s hope this goes well and we get lots of submissions.

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Sending over a few! good luck.

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As such, the game begins. However, before we start I’d like to get through the first parts of the game before we have Pokemon, and I feel it would be a good time to better explain the run.Pokemon%20-%20Emerald%20Version%20(U)-4
I set the settings before I begin the run. I don’t mind setting the run from Shift to Set if you want and I’ll probably do that later.

The intro is the same as Emerald despite being CNT edition so I see no purpose to screenshot those. We meet Professor Birch, and we put down our name.
Fun fact: I’ve never played Emerald as a female protagonist.
Anyways, for those on Mekkah’s discord, a few of you might understand the reference for the nickname here. If not, it won’t matter either way, but I was just drained from ideas and didn’t want to name the character “serif” again.
Now, here’s what the Day and Night patch does. It adds a dark filter on the overworld when the game’s time is at night. It was roughly 8 PM when I was playing, and I’ll almost always be playing during the day. However, I’ll play at night when it’s for a specific evolution.

To note: Sprites in this game have been altered to more closely match their newer generation sprites. They’re animated too, which is really cool!
I pick up Treecko, but he won’t be used at all in the run. Instead, I’ll swap him out for a submitted egg. Anyways, I KO the wild Zigzagoon to save Professor Birch. After that, I go to Oldale Town on my way to battle Brendan.

Well, actually, I don’t. I have access to a PC now, which means now I’m able to retrieve eggs to use, and I might as well swap out Treecko so I can have somethinThat is, if I had any at the moment. I’m currently waiting on more submissions to be sent to RandomWizard before I can begin. of course, because it’s an egglocke, I don’t know what’s in the eggs yet or how many I’ll have in the save when I begin or when more are added throughout the run, but once I have a lot, the run can finally start.

And that’ll end the part. If you have any other questions, don’t feel afraid to ask me or to reply to the thread. If you want to submit eggs, submit them to @RandomWizard!

I’m on Mekkah’s Keep, but I don’t recognize that name. What is it?

It’s a reference to Aizawa from Mekkah’s PME. I originally submitted as a joke but I didn’t expect her to be added.
I would’ve set the name to Aizawa but I was already doing that for a replay of Soul Silver, so I thought hard about what I wanted until something came to mind.

Aizawa herself actually references Miyabi Aizawa from Great Teacher Onizuka, so I just went with that instead.
Image result for great teacher onizuka miyabi

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Huh, okay. That makes sense.

The PME team didn’t get that many Troubadour submissions anyway, and of the ones that did, Aizawa’s high-quality portrait was a large point in her favor. (Personally, I preferred a different submission, but Aizawa is certainly worthy to be in the PME.)

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Does anybody else want to submit eggs for this challenge? With the amount we have already, we just need a few more to have enough to start the game.

How much is “a few more”?

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Chapter 1: An Eggcellent Start

As you can see, it’s day time now, and RW has sent me the save with the eggs on it. I might as well swap out Treecko for a much more fashionable egg, don’t you think?

Before I do that, I might as well check my boxes to see what we’re working with, and…Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-2 Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-1

Silly box names aside, I’ll be using a random number generator to decide what eggs I swap for instead of randomly picking myself. First, let’s see what box to fish from:

Box 2, egg 7? Alright, let’s withdraw our egg and see what we’re working with.

Some walking later:
Woah, another grass starter? Sure, Chikorita was never a standout to me, but I’ll gladly take it!
Now, RandomWizard has sent me a sheet with the nicknames of all the Pokemon’s nicknames, so let’s see what this Chikorita’s name is.

aaaaaaaaaand I’m not sure what else I was expecting. It is 4/20, after all. I reluctantly give out the nickname and move on.
Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-7 Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-8
Wow, this is a great starting moveset! Ancient Power’s PP sucks, yeah, but Rock coverage is great on a Grass type, and Ingrain means I can heal almost whenever I want.
Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-10 Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-9
We nab this potion before dumping Treecko in our PC, never to be withdrawn again. You won’t be missed, BBBBBBBBBBBB.
With that, what else is there to do but to run up to Route 102 and pay Brendan a visit?
Actually, we pay our respects to a wild Poochyena that tried to stop us. Nuzlocke rules state I have to catch the first Pokemon I encounter, but you see, I don’t have Pokeballs yet, so this will be an exception.
Just kidding, this fight is even more of a joke. He lands a crit scratch on me, but Ancient Power is a 2HKO on Torchic and thus we reap the sweet reward of free EXP.
Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-17 Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-18
A whole swath of it, apparently. Two levels off a Torchic? Not bad at all.

Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-19 Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-20
Yeah, you think?
Anyways, we chase this whiny baby back to the lab and move on.
As our reward for winning an old-fashioned game of animal fighting, we get the object literally in the title of the hack, the Pokedex. it comes in National Dex mode too, so let’s check it out right away!
But before that, Brendan hands us some Pokeballs at last. Finally, the run can truly begin! Now, let’s check our Poked-

Stupid Mistake 1: Checking the Pokedex for any reason.
Yeah, uh, whoops. I didn’t know eggs counted as being owned in the Pokedex, so now I know there’s a Bulbasaur and a Charmander hiding in the box. Oopsies. Obviously I don’t know where they are and I’ll never be checking the Pokedex again, so let’s just move on.
Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-29 Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-30 Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-31
FINALLY! Now I won’t be stuck walking at the speed of Sinnoh trying to hatch some stupid eggs!
Route 101 has the following encounters: Pidgey, Rattata, Sentret, Poochyena, Zigzagoon, and Wurmple.
Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-33 Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-34
We find a Wurmple and easily catch it. I’m getting an egg for it right away.

Huh, more box 2 representation. I withdraw the egg and go back to catching.
Up at Route 103, we can catch the following: Caterpie, Weedle, Spearow, Hoppip, Sunkern, Poochyena, Zigzagoon, Wurmple, and Wingull.
Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-35 Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-36
I mean, we paid enough respects to you but alright, into the box you go. Can we get an F for Poochyena?
On Route 102, we can catch the following: Oddish, Bellsprout, Sunkern, Zigzagoon, Wurmple, Lotad, Seedot, Ralts, Surskit.
Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-38 Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-39
A creeping lily pad approaches, but it’s nothing compared to my pitching skills.
Now’s a better time to head to the PC and excha-
Woah! A flipping Skarmory as one of our eggs? That’s amazing!

Strange nickname but alright. Let’s see what we’ve got:
Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-41 Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-43
This moveset is actually fine, I guess? Pursuit is useless coming off Skarmory’s awful special attack but Curse is great considering Skarmory’s high stats. Let’s exchange the other eggs.

I take both eggs and it seems that the one at box 1’s holding a Magnet that I can’t take. I’ll figure it out later with RandomWizard.
The egg in Box 2 hatched, and hey, it’s a Teddiursa! I’m not complaining.

With nickname set, let’s take a look at what we’ve got:
Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-45 Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-46
Not bad at all! I like the moveset we have, and Ursaring’s stats are good even if Crunch is special.

Our other egg hatches into a Pichu! And our reveal for the Nickname Awards is…

[halo theme plays]
Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-48 Pokemon_-_Emerald_Version_U-49
Holy crap! Volt Tackle at birth is fantastic. The recoil on it pretty bad too, but now I have a nuclear glass cannon to use, which is amazing.
My team’s looking pretty well armed, so I think I’m going to call it a day.
Next time, we arm a bunch of baby animals for battle!

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What did you expect, actual maturity from my sense of humor?

Anyway, I’ll fix the setup of your current team. Good luck on the run!

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Yes, all my babies are heeeeereeee; I never used a Skarmory in-game, so I have always been curious on what he can do, time to find out! The Chikorita and Teddiursa were also mine, make me proud kids :blush:
Wishing you the best of luck, I’m staying tuned!


You’ve never used a Skarmory before? Try it out in the Hoenn games in particular, it’s unironically amazing and probably the best physical wall in the game.
It has a movepool issue with no good Steel STAB but if you saved Steel Wing for it that won’t be a problem. It sucks in Soul Silver though since you get it terribly late.