PokeFates - Gotta Catch Them All?!

I’ll just copy paste part of the Gamebanana post.

"This hack allows capturing/kidnapping of Wolfskins, Kitsunes, Wolfssegners, Nine Tails, Stoneborn, Automations, and Faceless, and Vallite Units.

Basically anything that could not be captured before, can now be captured.

This also comes along with adding new weapons for some. It also adds ways to capture certain units, such as Omozu and King Garon.

The new Capture classes were all added to Skirmishes, along with Generic Shrine Maidens, Troubadours, Male and Female Villagers, which were previously impossible to find in Skirmishes.

Corrin also now has Kidnap/Capture as their personal skill (Capture for Female, Kidnap for Male), and you can build a Level 3 Prison as soon as you complete Chapter 6 on any route."

Enjoy my new Semi-Cursed hack. I do plan on updating it to allow for units like Mikoto and Sumeragi to be Caught, but for now, I’d say its in a good state.



Updated to fix a few minor bugs, let you obtain more generic units, and capture Anthony (Faceless), Arete, Mikoto, and Sumeragi. The full change list is on Gamebanana.


This sounds absolutely bonkers