Please Help Me Animate

Hey, I want to learn sprite animation, but I can’t find any good tutorials (or ones that are suited to my needs.) Can anyone help me? Feel free to DM me on Discord (thatonebirbyt is my discord) tutorials or tips. If you can, I would really appreciate someone that could help me directly.



I see that this is your very first post here. Before I give my piece, may I ask if you have any experience in art? Also, what exactly are you looking for in a tutorial?

There’s a good article for how GBA animations work in this thread. It should be worth checking out.


I’m one of his friends, he has a good amount of experience with small time animations but not much with pixel-art/gba animations. He has a small youtube channel with his work
→ ThatOneBirb

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I have made some pixel art before, and regular stop-motion (frames) animations, like @SamsungGalaxyS24 said.

That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much!