Playable FE7 Tactician Hack anywhere?

Is there a hack for this feature out somewhere? There are some very nice sprites made for him, surprised I cant find this anywhere :thinking:

FF7 or FE7?

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Woops haha :sweat_smile:

I think there are a few reskins and the like that include a tactician, oh and order of the crimson arm I think it’s called but that tactician is a shaman and doesn’t have a unique sprite last time I played it

Public legends of avenir

Avenir focuses on a playable, customizable tactician character, though we’ve made it as an FE8 hack. Not sure whether you’re specifically asking for an FE7 hack or not. It doesn’t have anything directly to do with the FE7 tactician.

i think Order of Crimson Arm and DLATMOL counts