Planning on like streaming/ attempt vids on rom hacks

So before I do something people barely do on youtube/twitch. Was planning on finding roms and streaming it… and learn how to make vids out of them. But i rarely see people rarely talk or make vids on roms. Is there like a secret hush hush thing going on?

There are plenty of people making videos about ROMhacks and fangames. Which YouTubers/streamers are you watching such that you think like this?

By norm, streaming/making videos about romhacks gives you less views than official FE Games, so that’s why you don’t see a lot of creators doing that.

Tell me about it, I’ve been having trouble getting motivated to record lately because the one person I knew that was watching my videos has been too busy with real life stuff to keep up with them. Not to say I don’t appreciate the surprising amount of views I’ve been getting from lurkers but man it sure was nice to actually be able to talk with someone about rom hacks while playing through them.

Anyway, Specky I’d be happy to help you with any specific questions you have. But if you’re just looking on how to get started my advice to you is to download OBS software and watch a youtube tutorial on how to use it, it’s no secret! :slightly_smiling_face:

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i been streaming for a few months now. Just trying to find my thing you know.