Pixel/Particle Fx Designer

I want to stress that I did not make this application.

I saw this get retweeted to my Twitter feed and I checked out the page and it seemed like it might be a useful tool to share in the event someone might want to use it for resources they were making/wanted to make or for improving their own project.

This is paid software, though there is a demo version to try out. I have not purchased the product or downloaded the demo, just looked at the information available on that page as well as a GIF that was attached to the tweet that showed a small snippet of the tool being used, so I cannot validate its capabilities or usefulness.

As a spriter, it’s not necessarily something that I personally might use (the challenge/skill is in being able to do it yourself, after all), but for those that want to do effects like these for things and couldn’t make them on their own, it might be a suitable alternative.



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$19 USD is pretty fairly-priced and at least it isn’t the usual subscription-based rubbish I see so much of now

Edit: Been playing around with the paid version. It’s really quite easy to use!

There is free software called Effekseer.

Based on this, there are people who made effect material for RPG Maker(RPGツクール).

FEBuilderGBA has the function to convert RPG Maker(RPGツクール) effect material into GBAFE magic animation and skill animation.

So, if you create an animation with Effekseer and output it for RPG Maker(RPGツクール) Format, should be able to convert it with FEBuilderGBA.

conversion example.