Pichus art dump stuffs

mm kay so i thought id make one here cause why not and more arts always fun.

so here is a wip sprite i was working on what ya think?


i also have a few sketches if anybody wants to see them, but there not very good.

I feel like the left one is seriously derping on the some facial perspective/placement or whatever :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t really know the proper terms though so I’ll let someone else get them - just the eyes and nose and stuff seem pretty confused.

Really like the idea/palette/etc though !

thank you. i feel like i’ve been derping around with that one in general. i’ll see what i can do.

Girl on the left, move dat eye over. Right now her eye is a mile away from her nose.

But it’s a combination of things, right now her nose is in a position closer to profile.

mmh hm.


hows this look?



any ideas on how to make this guy look more druidy?

Redhead is going in the right direction, but her face feels like it is at a bunch of different angles in a bunch of different places. Her nose and mouth are really close to profile, while her eye and ear look like they want to be at 3/4 view.

The only Idea I have for druid-ness is give him a hood?

hmm alright i’ll see what i can do for red head.

as for druid i have an idea for an outfit but if it doesn’t work I’ll just give him the hood yeah


personal mug thing cause haven’t updated here in a bit


some map requests i ended up doing cause why not

wow haven’t done anything with this in a while, so in celebration an attempt to make sure i don’t rust away have some random art dumps