Personal World Map does not appear

Hi, cactus here, with a different problem this time.

You see, I want to do a small introduction to the continent of my hack, just like the intro on the vanilla version does.

But the my problem is: the original map appears even with the WM patch is patched with your map.

I go to the patch for the WM, patch the vanilla with my WM and overwrite the data,
the intro of “The continent of Magvel…” appears but the original WM does too and not my map.

What am I doing wrong or what is the problem?
I see the hack Justice & Pride has a customized World Map with his own introduction to the continent and history, just for reference to my problem.

Have you replaced the vanilla map in World Map Images -> For Events?

I did not thought you had to use also various modifications for a world map, took me an entire day to figure out how to insert it correctly with out getting the vanilla as BG.

Thank you.