Pendragon does palettes (all you need to do is ask)

I do repalettes, lots of lots of them. I’m currently doing all the player character palettes for Legends of Avenir, but I have lots of time and no life, so I’ll do them for anyone who requests them.


Repalettes as in changing the sprite to allow more customization, or just doing palettes for characters?

afaik did both for legends of avenir

I do both :smiley:

And splice portraits if you’d like

Hi there, do you still take request?

Can you recolor their hair to red hair to match with other Fala descendants like Azel, Arvis, Julius.
Thanks a lot.

I’m on it :smiley: expect it tomorrow afternoon

Can you make mug for gotoh?

I can try, I mainly do palettes though

Quick Repost 3

But anyways, can you fix the palette order of MageKnight404’s Sword Pegasus Rider to match the palette order of the vanilla pegasus riders?


Sure! But where exactly can I find his animation?

the animation repository has it

Ah, thank you