Patches that add support features?

Sorry if this isn’t formatted/tagged right, this is my first post proper (i.e. not a reply). If this fits better in some other category, lmk and I’ll see if I can change it.

Anyway, I’m making a romhack in FEBuilder (and therefore primarily using that program’s patch list), and something that disappointed me as I was looking through the patches was how few of them expanded upon the support system. Don’t get me wrong, supports in the GBA games work great, I’m just wondering if there aren’t patches (EA, .ups, or otherwise) that would give me more capabilities as an aspiring hack creator. I’ve found a couple that make supports easier to get and expand the number you can have at once, but nothing that really adds to the system as a whole.

I’m not looking for anything in particular, but just spitballing some examples:

  • Just completely removing the limit on # of supports you can have (I know it’ll cause balance issues and that there’s a patch that helps, but I haven’t found one that makes all support conversations available)
  • S level supports? I’m fairly sure they’re a thing in Awakening and Fates (haven’t played but they’re on my list), and the idea of having a support level that has an impact on rosters and has greater-than-usual support ramifications sounds interesting (Though this one in particular sounds like a lot of work). Repurposing the A-support would also work.
  • Allow for things like killing enemies while adjacent to build support faster?
  • Lock some supports behind story progress?

I’m about out of ideas atm, but if anyone knows of patches for these or other support-related improvements, stick 'em here, I guess!


  • It sounds like you’re looking for the “Change support conversation to 5 people instead of 5 times(By Aera)” and/or “Modify Maximum Number Of Supports” patches.
  • Supports stop growing automatically once they reach 241 points (A support, which can be changed with patches). But with events, you can make it go up to 255. I believe the “Add Event: Conditional Talk w/ A Support” would be especially convenient for it. Making an actual additional rank (as in, not replacing A with S, B with A, and C with B), along with a S display would require more modifications and I don’t know if someone’s made that.
  • I don’t know if someone’s made that. I suppose you could make it through events, but it would be tedious.
  • It sounds like you’re looking for the “Prohibit support conversations under specific conditions” patch.

If you know romhacks that have done the ones I don’t know about, you can always try asking their creators. Otherwise, those are my suggestions if you’re not willing to look into making those patches yourself.

My Support Rework Rework is designed to execute goals 1 (kinda), 2, and 4. It’s only buildfile-friendly, however, so it’ll be tricky to get working in an FEB environment.


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Sacred Echoes builds support with nearby units when killing enemies. I think it’s likely HyperGamma will share some of the new code as standalone ASM hacks after Sacred Echoes gets the last finishing touches.

Alright, thanks for the suggestions everyone!