Patch Release: Peer's Successful CCB (the name may or may not reflect reality)

Peer made a blitz
People did things for it
Peer procrastinated
The blitz is dead/on hiatus/whatever

When you enter a blitz you do so knowing the deadline is the deadline and what you got is what is released, following that idea and since the deadline was reached I got a patch together.
Do not expect any future support for this hack, what you get is what there is and at least I am not going to be touching it anymore. I am not interested in improving or polishing it.

What I did:
I made sure every chapter has a win condition that leads to the next chapter.
I fixed some stuff here and there to make it stable enough to be beaten.
I have buffed the lord and one other unit considerably to give people a chance of winning, since enemies were planned under the idea of double exp, which as far as I know is not in.

Download it here:

Credits, by peer:

Peerless, nyawenyye, Leonarth, Sme, Zmr56, Pixel, Yang Kai, circleseverywhere, StanH, DerTheVaporeon

Peerless, nyawenyye, Leonarth, Sme, Zmr56, Pixel, Yang Kai, circleseverywhere, StanH, DerTheVaporeon

Raphael: Peerless, DerTheVaporeon, Blueeyedman, NickT, Blaze
Cyrus: Peerless, NickT
Ace: Peerless, NickT
Raptor: Peerless, DerTheVaporeon, Xenith, Blaze, Alusq, NickT
Scorpio: Peerless
Reese: Sme
Lucian: DerTheVaporeon
Staphanie: Zmr56
Taranie: DerTheVaporeon
Lucile: Yang Kai

Engine Hacks:
Nuke Objective- Leonarth
Skill System (and everything that comes with it)- A bunch of people, check the skill system repository for full credits

Please feel free to leave your opinions in the comments.


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I might one day post a patch of a version I play through with, probably won’t but I might.

I rate it successful/10

After all, reso is not so bad.

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The fact that he said it would be successful and turned out to die on his own accord (Peer).y

Zmr’s Weekly Blitz Death = Life being a bitch and bad timing combined with exams
qeerless’ Blitz Death = Just plain procrastination from the leader itself


I fixed up all characters giving them their right names and portraits, as well as making 3 of them obtainable, a thing that wasn’t possible in the previous build. The game at least now is perhaps on the same level as Corrupt Theocracy, perhaps worse, as that one has a lot more levels and at least have dialogues on all chapters.
Balance wise, only Raimeph, Alexia and Kithin are viable anyways, I’ll let the balance of it to someone else, Der probably. Enjoy now.
Ah, I also added up supports for everyone there, though only Lucile and Raimeph are written.

Note: I renamed the MC because the previous one was a joke to the irl name of a member and he asked to remove that.

Credits for the new portaits:
Theran: Ganondorf
Alexia: Sme and Zorua
Seras: Zorua
Kithin: Sme
Ruby: Der

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Alexa this is sad. Play despacito


Here’s another update for this… mess. I still love the boat chapter
Changes include:

  • Most mugs changed, added boss mugs.
  • Edited Anna out of the game (FE2 much)
  • FE6 Bard (Replaces Tethys, even in musical terms)
  • Added a few characters that weren’t there before
  • Added an actual Chapter 7 (there may be issues when approaching Lokir’s area, though, so let us know if that happens).
  • Added Sephyz, Baro, Nard, Gorwilt (Thief), Dariyush, Daniel (originally an unknown Warrior, not a Reso character), Jun, Rahd, and Jonathan.
  • Previous characters that weren’t recruitable now are.
  • Added Double EXP.
  • Added Battle/Death Quotes conditions for bosses.

Fixes include:

  • Chapter 8: There was a completely unreachable spot in the bottom left of the map, along with a missing chest. Both have been fixed, with the black area being… Dark, which fliers can fly across.
  • Chapter 9: The Bone bosses didn’t have their Battle/Death quotes set for the chapter. This was also fixed, causing the chapter to play as intended.
  • Chapter 13: One of the chests didn’t do tilechanges properly, which was fixed.

Known issues:

  • As stated above, Chapter 7 may softlock characters approaching the zone around Lokir.
  • Chapter 5: Thieves don’t act, if at all.
  • Chapter 6: The Area event that gives the Scroll Piece in the destroyed house may or may not function, forcing you to either restart the chapter or save state and RNG abuse until you get it… or use either Scorpio or Gorwilt.
  • Some characters may still be broken.
  • Some bosses use the wrong battle quotes.
  • There’s no real endgame (yet).

Download here!