Party space(need help)

Is it possible to change the party space from 60 to more in fire emblem sacred Stones?

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Are you trying to add more characters?

Oh, yeah I think there’s no way to add more characters without deleting existing ones (you can always delete some enemies if you can afford it). I’m not sure if there’s a way currently to append the table. There used to be a patch for this but it was supper buggy and didn’t work most of the time so it was abandoned.

No I’m trying to expand the barracks in the game to have more than 60 playable character.

Absolute max is 62 and that barely functions with a whole bunch of bandaid asm hacks people have done to try and make 62 work properly. (It is still glitchy so there’s no official release, but vision quest uses 62.)

I don’t think you can exceed this without asm editing EMS and a whole bunch of other things.

I’d suggest hacky alternatives to using that many characters, such as portrait swapping or something. :roll_eyes:
Probably no ideal way. Sorry.