Palettes for third promotion

I have the problem about palettes for third promotion. When my character promotion to third class, they have the basic palette of this class and I don’t know how to add the palette to my character for third promotion. Please help me do that.

For which game? FE7 or FE8? In FE7, it should just use the set promoted/unpromoted palette depending on whether the class the character is in is promoted or unpromoted. In FE8, you need to set the palette you want for that class in the two palette editor modules.

For FE7

I’m pretty sure the palette used should be the unit’s proper palette associated with whether the class they are in is promoted or not.

Did this topic ever get solved? Because this is the best solution right here. Item-Based Branching Promotions w/ Modified Palette Array

I don’t know hơ to do that

maybe you should read it and learn

OK, thanks