Palademblem (The Fire Emblem 8 hack where everyone is a Paladin)

Basically complete, but everyone but Seth is missing a palette since I’m lazy but everyone has a palette since MegaCowsamMan isn’t lazy. And this was just a quick side side… side side… side? project.

Everyone is replaced with Paladins of the series! Anyone that is a (playable) Paladin, promotion (Gold Knight) or equivalent (Forrest Knight) and uh… has a free to use portrait because I’m lazy is playable!

Their stats and growths are just whichever version of the character I wanted to use and were not at all scaled, so most of the Thracia characters don’t do so well… But they’re also the rare ones who also have some skills and extra growths, so they could have more potential if you want to put time into them, on the other hand anyone who’s from Radiant Dawn is utterly insane. And Xander, because he’s Xander.

Since I didn’t have enough characters to fill every place there are generics to fill spots. There’s also ZERO story and ZERO dialogue (Unless I missed something), this is all gameplay.

Your two lords are Jagen and Oifey, it’s probably obvious why I chose those two to be the lords.

Random screenshots, followed by playlist.

I’ll probably be building on that one for updates if they happen!


AddEvent: Set Unit Status - 7743
Actions After Support/Talk - circleseverywhere
Tutorial Disabler - 7743
Skip the event using the opening world map - 7743
Toggle New Game Text - circleseverywhere
SkillSystems 20220703 - Circleseverywhere, Monkeybard, Black Mage, Blaze, Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1
Extended Moving Map Animation List - Snakey1
Multiple Vulnerary - 7743
Simple setting of Sacred Weapons 2 - 7743
CSA_Creator_For_FE8U - circleseverywhere
Constitution/Movement growths - Blademaster
Sound Room 100% Unlocked - 7743
Unique Battle Music Per Unit 20200603 - 7743
drumfix - circleseverywhere

Abel - Blueyguy
Amalda - Sterling Glovner
Arran - Nickt
Astrid - Mickt, Stitch
Diarmud - Melia
Fred - Melia
Geoffrey - Nickt, Stitch
Jagen - Flasuban
Kieran - Nickt, Stitch
Makalov - Nickt, Stitch
Mathilda - BuskHunter
Midia - Vilk
Generic Lady - Flasuban
Generic Guy - Flasuban
Oifey - Melia
Oscar - Nickt, Stitch
Randal - SqRtOfPi
Renning - Nickt, Stitch
Roshea - Alusq, DerTheVaporeon
Titania - SomeDenseGuy
Vyland - Smr, Peerless, Blueey, Nickt
Xander - Garytop
Zeke - Garytop

Siegfried - SHYUTERz

Item Icons~
Siegfried - Beansy
Silver Poleaxe - lovemachine
Steel Greatlance - lovemachine
Steel Poleaxe - lovemachine
Gradivus - SacredStones
Beo Sword - Lisandra Brave
Concoction - 2WB
Herb - Beansy
Iron Longbow - Beansy
Master Sword - Lisandra Brave
Short Axe - LordGlenn
Thunder Sword - Lisandra Brave
Wayward Lance - Jubby

Map Sprites~
Axe Paladin Female - L95
Bow Paladin Female - VelvetKitsune, Leif, RobertFPY
Lance Paladin/Valentian Paladin/Staff Paladin Female - L95
Axe Paladin Male - RobertFPY
Lance Paladin/Valentian Paladin Male - Pikmin
Sword Paladin Male - RobertFPY

Battle Animations~
Staff Paladin - PrimeFusion
Axe/Lance/Bow/Valentian Paladin Female - Team SALVAGED, HGS, Levin64, RJ_Exists, Obsidian_Daddy
Axe/Lance/Sword/Valentian Paladin Male - Team SALVAGED

Basically everyone - MegaCowsamMan

FE4 - Ally Attack (pandan)
FE6 - Attack! (Tristan_Hollow)
FE9 - Clash (SaXor_the_Nobody)
FE10 - The Devoted (SaXor_the_Nobody)
FE11 - Attack (Sme)
FE14 - Past Below ~ Flow (Sme)

Aaaand back to working on other stuff!


Finally, I can use Seth without hating Seth!


I uh… is this intended?


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…Supports completely slipped my mind, it seems having no affinity assumedly just jams all of those bonuses into overdrive. Huh.

I see. Seems to fix itself it they aren’t next to each other though.

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Quick stupid update to remove supports, this ‘should’ also work retroactively so you can keep your saves.

So, I was bored. Thought I’d do ALL of the palettes for this project. (All playable Paladins at least)

Credit is appreciated! Enjoy! :grin:


Oh my! Danke! …I’d love to look at it whenever my terrible internet decides to function again.

Edit: Was finally able to look at it, and all of the palettes look really neat, ooh.


this is just fe12

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Unexpected update, but uh…
So while doing whatever the heck it is I do I had a random thought of ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be neat if everyone had battle music from their games instead of just FE8’s?’
So now that’s happened. Characters use the battle theme from whichever game they first became a Paladin, which is why Arran uses FE1’s and Roshea uses FE3’s for example. And Titania got unique battle animations, probably should’ve just done that one to start with.

…any weirdness in music is because i’m weird and liked how it sounded when tossing it in, so uh… sorry about having a weird sense in music, maybe?


Now, when am I getting Pallaemblem?


Oh sweet, a GBA remake of FE4.