Pal2EA - The Buildfile Palette Inserter

#Pal2EA v2.3 Download
Pal2EA lets you place all your character palettes in one text file then generates EA installers for you. It handles the insertion as well as setting the palettes to characters or animations. Check the read me for examples of how to set up the palette text file.

Updates When switching to a new version delete `palette definitions.txt` so that pal2ea can generate the updated definitions file

v2.1 update
fixed a problem with FE7/FE6 compatibility

v2.2 update
slightly altered definitions file
added U and P shortcuts for set{}
implemented at{} so you can insert at a fixed offset
converted all () to {} for the sake of consistency
slightly improved error handling
v2.3 update
fixed bug that could crash the program
took inspiration from EA and added error messages


Is there a reason the program doesn’t automatically ALIGN 4 the palettes? This can cause them to not work / crash.

just updated pal2ea to add ALIGN 4 at the start of every Palette Installer.event
thank you for your input.