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So I’m working on some characters with animations and portraits. I wanted to show you some of my progress to get a bit of feedback :slight_smile:

So this is Veronika. She is basically my first portrait attempt and I see a lot I have to improve upon. a lot of things are just odd about her, but for now it is what it is ^^

She is supposed to be very confident about her body and I wanted that to be seen in her battle animations. oh she is also a mage ^^
Of course her dress is fluttering in a loop while the spell is hitting :slight_smile:
atk crit dodge

Her is someone that is annoying the hell out of me. I’m really bad with portraits and my first one was easy enough because I had pretty good references, but doing shadows, eyes and mainly everything is very difficult to me, but well here I go.
I hope I can do something decent with him, but every input is appreciated ^^


For it to be your first attempt at a portrait, I will say its pretty decent. The only major issue I see is that it appears that she only have one eye. Due to the angle of her head and where you decide to put the eye it gives the illusion that one eye is in the middle of her head.

The bottom of her face and jaw, you can see the individual black pixels. Her head also seem to be extended slightly too far to the left. Last but not least, the ear looks a little strange to me. I think you can space out the hair around the ear and show some skin to fix it.

The only problem I see with the animation is that it may be best to add and outline to the bottom of the dress, and some darker shading on the visible thigh and breast. (Im assuming she is suppose to be shoeless?)

The work in progress sprite looks completely fine to me atm.

Good job though, Im sure it would look nice after you’re done with them.

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thanks for your input it helps out a lot :slight_smile:
Honestly she wasn’t supposed to be shoeless but I quit like the idea to involve not having shoes into the story ^^
I will remember what you said but I will not correct her immediately. she already took me a few days and I want to get the buff guy done ^^

No problem. I understand completely when you say that u dont want to fix her right now. But keep going with the buff guy.

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Oh one thing I need to ask, eben if its dumb. does she really look like a cyclops? I hate how I can not see that XD
I wanted the hair to cover her right eye so should I position the nose more to the left for it to work out perhaps?

So I was wprling with a friend of mine on the buff guy and I think he turned out pretty well :slight_smile:
She has a pretty critical eye and was able to find most of the issues with him. without her it would have turned out pretty bad XD


it goes pretty well leela (futurama) just missing corrections of facial positioning, but I hope you keep making progress in these jobs: D

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god dammit. more cyclops comments XD
I was thinking about dumping the hole cyclops and redo her. Don’t know if I can salvage her ^^

Thanks Limstella, I’m working on it :slight_smile:

It turned out really well. Very defined neck! :ok_hand:

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weeeeelll I would love to take the credit for the neck, but I might have used some splicing for that one ^^’
I’m not a the best at pixel art, so I’m not that much ashamed of admitting it XD

Long hair or just hair in general is really challenging for me. I just can’t get it right. any tipps?

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I cant help you with hair unfortunately. Im not good at hair myself

at least I don’t have to do hands. that would be even worse ^^’

I will find a solution eventually I think :thinking:

cut out other portraits and paste to , use this more as a support, since you’re doing it personally