Opinions about Yeti's class names

This is something I see a lot of. People saying things like “these are stupid” or “these are different and inherently bad” etc etc
Personally I think they’re better names, but I feel like I’m pretty much the only one.
For example, Cataphract makes a lot more sense than Great Knight. I’m not sure what about heavily armored cavalry has to do with “Great” Knight. Great in size? Great armor?

Anyway, what do you think about them?

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Some of the FE class names completely miss the mark to begin with. Such as the Myrmidon. In Greek myth, where they come from, they armoured up like any other warrior on the battlefield. If anything, they closer resembled FE mercenaries, as they were known for their skill.

No reason why content developers shouldn’t be allowed to rename classes to fit their setting†/ideals/etc.


†Fates did it. And everyone loved those games.

Fates is kinda arguable since they changed the visual designs and whatnot as well (though Samurai is much better than Myrmidon)

The question is impossible to vote for. Some of the class names Yeti chose are good (Most, actually) but a few are sketchy.

The general practice of renaming classes with ‘knight’ slapped in the name to something else is probably the best set overall. I wasn’t sold on ‘wizard’ for druids for a long time, but ‘druid’ was also a bad name. I think Yeti eventually changed their names to Warlock?

There are some good, some bad, some eh ones too.

Besides, Yeti will never compare to the names on this incredible sheet.




I mean there are lots of issues with FE class names to begin with. I was just talking about “Halberdier” today. It doesn’t make sense if the “lancefaire” unit is associated with halberds (which are even straight up axes in FE lol).

I mean if the new names make more sense to the developer, I’m totally fine with renaming like Yeti.
(Also I happen to know that @1st_lieutenant_noguchi has been talking about Cataphract over Great Knight for a very long while. :smile: )

It’s just flavour text. It’s slightly more exciting than Swordfighter, Axefighter and Bowfighter so I’m ok with it.

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Something really bug me that why tf is female heroes not called heroine.

Most likely because that could easily confused with the drug. And this is Nintendo we’re talking about

Everyone has their own double standards about the names of stuff: few care about myrmidons being called myrmidons, but you see people change wyvern classes to dragon/draco/etc all the time because the scaly flying mounts (except Valter’s) have front legs whereas the localisers of FE7 were only concerned with preserving the difference between ドラゴン (the thing that Heath rides) and 竜 (the things that were defeated 1000 years ago and Nergal is trying to bring back).

In my opinion, the name of a class that existed in vanilla games should be changed only if its role in either the story or gameplay has been changed as well. For a story example, if I wanted a speedy axe-using class but pirates didn’t have any big role in my setting, I’d change the name of the pirate class to something more suitable. If dragons/manaketes have no special role in your story, there is no repercussion for changing wyverns to dragons. If your main character isn’t of noble background, you don’t need to call them a lord… and for crying out loud, you don’t need to insert an obligatory steppe horde into your setting just so you can have horse archers; you can just call them hunters instead of nomads. In terms of gameplay, if you are giving knights 5 movement to encourage people to use them, you might also change the class name to get rid of the “ew, Knight! bench immediately!” kneejerk reaction. If you want to split cavaliers into sword knights and lance knights, you might end up calling them hussars and cossacks to differentiate them while adding the same kind of flavour to the class names that the localisers did with myrmidons.

Something like calling archers “shooters” when they’re exactly the same as vanilla archers, though? That’s the class-name equivalent of changing iron swords to Militant Edges.


Bishop to High Priest is always a go go for me, especially when it’s on Magvel. The thing is that with a holy order as amorphous as Artur’s, and wih not so much as definition as the religion in Elibe and other FE games, the Bishop kinda looses it’s flair for me.

I think while the names are fine themselves, I personally value consistency with vanilla more and I can sometimes just find it confusing to adjust to new names.

I feel personally attacked by this content

On another note, I do support changes where the connotations matter. calling your healers “clerics” and “priests” always implies a religious association despite the character not necessarily being religious - take Mist, for instance who is at no point demonstrably pious and yet is still called a Cleric. It would have been apt to change the class name in this circumstance


Two questions :

  1. Why martial artists are shuriken users and not fist or blunt weapon users, like clubs?
  2. Why they promote to Ninjas or Assassins?

Class is just a series of characteristics that get boiled down to one word for players to easily understand and contextualize a unit, so as long as it’s easy enough to discern that a Gendarme is a sword cavalier (which it is thanks to the dope visuals), it really isn’t problematic.

I prefer utilitarian names, but it depends on the nature of the game and how it is styled. Vision Quest uses very similar looking armor knight animations for each unpromoted armor type, so I name them Swd Armor, Axe Armor, etc. - FE7x’s armor classes look way different, so giving them unique names makes much more sense.