Opinion on Genealogy of the Holy War

so people seem to be pretty split on Genealogy so I figured I’ll just put this here to let people say their opinion on Genealogy. Have fun!

  • Genealogy is the BEST fire emblem game
  • Genealogy is the WORST fire emblem game
  • Genealogy is a GOOD fire emblem game
  • Genealogy is a BAD fire emblem game
  • I didn’t play Genealogy, I don’t know what I’m doing here, I got lost help.

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i voted bad game but I was referring to gameplay specifically, not the story, which I think is nice
giant maps are a huge slog to get through, every enemy group shows up in a block formation, holy blood mechanics are not balanced at all and essentially means you have useless members in your army, trading is a hassle, yied/aed desert exists
gameplay/mechanics a 2/10 for me


that’s exactly why there’s both a ‘bad game’ option and a ‘worst game’ option the story can make the game better for some people but if you don’t like the gameplay then… You don’t like the gameplay

I recently started playing through Genealogy and it has its weird way of playing, which reminds me of when I first played Echoes and enjoyed its weirdness. The story and world buidling are very good as well, even though I have been spoiled :laughing:

It is a shame that this game has not been remade/localized yet.

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it’s my favorite, but not what I’d call the best.

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It’s my favourite, there’s sometinhg satisfying about clearing the arena.
Ah, and the story is good I think.

The biggest problem with FE4 is that it’s not at all clear on the first try who should marry whom.
If you make the wrong combination, you’ll have a hard time in the second half of the game.
On the other hand, people who have played this game for many rounds know all about it, so they can try out different combinations and enjoy the game over and over again.

Also, it is very difficult to understand the status increase events in the conversation events between characters if you are playing for the first time.
Those who have played the game many times will also have an advantage in the game.

The backgrounds of the characters and nations in FE4 are very interesting, and the more you learn about them, the more you will enjoy the game.

I voted BAD FE because I don’t like first-time-player-killer.
I can still accept with first-time-player-killer that having to reset to replay the stage from the beginning,
but I can not accept to start the game over from the beginning is indeed a painful experience.
If you play a few rounds or read the strategy guide site, you can enjoy the game.


I’d call it the best, if Thracia, Vestaria, Berwick and Radiant Dawn didn’t exist, that is. I just wish it was a bit more challenging at all times as opposed to handing out competent enemies rarely. No, I don’t find the large map to be boring nor hating the dominance of cavalries (and I don’t find cavalry to be that OP too aside from Seliph/Sigurd/Ares), it’s just the lack of challenge as opposed to the titles mentioned above.

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hack bad

4 is one of my favorites but I think there maybe a few above it