Operation Desert Lightning (working title), aka "The end of the Almyran civil war"

Hello, I have had FEBuilder downloaded for a bit and have fiddled with it, and finally got the courage to come here and try to make this thing a reality. Please be nice, I have been burned by not nice people on other forums I will not mention.

Concept features:

Cast is Claude’s family over in Almyra leading the loyalist side. His parents, stepmom, uncle, cousins, aunt, and an OC brother I gave him to contrast Shahid being the black sheep of the family. This OC brother is the lord of the hack.

Shahid has been redesigned because his canon design is bad. He still looks like the stinky bastard man he is, don’t worry. He also has two retainers now to be his ride and die.

Takes place while Claude is at the academy, in a kind of Houses/Hopes fusion.

Weapons have been themed. Swords are scimitars, axes are tabars, lances are harbas.

Characters have little profile blurbs. Age, gender, likes and dislikes. Both allies and enemies have this.

Will be a one chapter hack. I already have the map to use and a few spliced portraits. I’m not ready to show all the portraits yet, but here are a few.

Redesigned Shahid

An NPC scout

Omar, second hand man in the Golden Fox Chargers, Tiana’s personal unit

Cassim, one of the loyalist generals

Farah, one of the loyalist generals and the king’s older sister

I haven’t started eventing yet, but I have some boss convos and dialogue, and a story intro blurb.

Imperial Year 1183
Verdant Rain Moon

Six years ago, the son of Boran “Thunder King” Kralsah of Almyra and Tiana “Red Vixen” Danica Riegan was sent to mainland Fodlan to attend the same academy his mother attended. Khalid was instructed to go by his alternate name, Claude, and report back on the state of the Leicester Alliance and the mainland as a whole. While he did that, his brother, Uzair Kralsah, son of the king and Jasmine “Wildflower” Kralsah remained in Almyra. He spent some years as a navy captain, as required military service for princes.

Roughly one year ago, a third, older brother revealed himself: Shahid Sadik, son of the king and a former lover, Nasira Sadik. The relationship did not end on friendly terms. Nasira had raised her son bitter and aiming to take the throne by force. A civil war began, with the royal loyalists becoming known as “Thunderbolts” and the rebels proudly naming themselves “Hailstones”, although they have started to be called “Vultures” for their habit of raiding small settlements for supplies. Their most efficient supply raiders are a brother and sister duo named Fahd and Aisha, who act as Hailstone secondary commanders.

It is late summer, and while most Almyrans are preparing for the end of the well fed feast season and beginning to rest more, on this evening, a group of Thunderbolts led by Uzair and his closest allies have been attacked by a rather large Hailstone force in Kirilmaz Fortress. This fortress sets at the foot of Catal Canyon, and north of it, it’s a straight rush to the capital palace. Uzair has reason to believe the man he wishes would be a proper brother is leading this attack.

Word has been sent to the palace. The civil war rests on the result of this battle.

I want to finish portraits as of now, I have others but a lot of them need redone and polished and I don’t feel comfy showing them while they are still in this state. Been burned by mean spriters on other sites who did nothing but say the sprites sucked. And yes I know these splices maybe aren’t perfect or amazing either.

I’ve been fleshing out Almyra as a country for years now, starting when I wrote the love story of Claude’s parents, and I just blorboed the lot of them. It’s great fun, and I’ve been told by an Indian friend and fellow writer that I am doing great as a white lady in the American rural Midwest working with a culture base so different from my own. I came here because I realized I needed some help and guidance. I’ve spoken to UltraxBlade and Knabepicer who suggested I do this. I am friends with Purple Mage and have followed his OC Emblem from its infancy and have created some of the characters in it.

So, that doubles as my introduction. Hope I can do this thing now. I have examples of boss dialogue and the character profile blurbs if anyone wants them.


Hi! Welcome to FEU! Project sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing it progress. If you need help with anything, feel free to drop by the FEU Discord with any questions!



Gonna post a few of the character intro blurbs to give people more to work with. If anybody has any questions or thoughts on what I have here, tell me! I’m mainly a writer and we writers thrive on that shit. I’m open for questions, anything that you’re curious on.

So here’s the lord’s intro blurb along with the other characters who have portraits up sans the scout.


18 M. Second legit prince.

Likes board games, folklore.

Dislikes crowds, loud parties.


43 F. Loyalist general.

Likes hunting, grilled asparagus.

Dislikes laziness, flying.


44 M. Loyalist general.

Likes yogurt with granola, cats.

Dislikes riding horses, bugs.


37 M. Tiana’s second in command.

Likes horses, pubs, card games.

Dislikes snakes, pistachios.


22 M. Rebel prince.

Likes fried duck eggs, his wyvern.

Dislikes ducks, being challenged.

Ah, I think I remember you. I adored your older stuff on DA (Hello, used to go by Whitewolf8 if I was noable at all).

Good luck on all of this stuff! Would most definitely be fun to see Almyra explored more.


I think I remember you vaguely. It’s been awhile! Yeah I left DA awhile back, but I remember you being a better spriter than me lol.

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Hi hope your doing well!

Congrats on the announcement and good luck to any future endeavors. Like UltraxBlade said check out the discord (and forums) if you need any help. Finally if you ever need a beta tester you can just dm me (samsungs22) or through FE Universe.

That’s about it from me! Have a great day!

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(revives topic)

Here have some animation palettes!

“Thunder King” Boran

Shahid, rebel prince and Hailstones leader.

Tiana, “Red Vixen” queen.

Omar, Tiana’s right hand man

Cavalier siblings, Kamrul and Taslima

The cavalier siblings’ father and palace general, Cassim

Lord of the story, Uzair

Hailstone commander, Aisha

Hailstone commander, Fahd

Mage of the loyalists (and the lord’s love interest), Danah

Loyalist general, Farah

Gentle healer queen, “Wildflower” Jasmine

King’s retainer, Nader

There is a text document with sprite base credits that will be distributed with the game.


those animation’s look really good man. For commander Fahd what class is he? I assume that he would be a swordmaster (or a class similar to one) but his animation looks more like a myrm’s class. Maybe try something like the trueblade animation instead?

He’s a swordmaster yeah! He uses the Awakening myrm sprite but I think it works. The rebels are supposed to be kinda untrained and bandity vibes, going on their delusions, that sort of thing. His sister Aisha is a rogue.

Here’s a kind of view on what each side has.

Oh oh I see that makes more sense now lol