One Last Corrin

Soo… Since the servers of the 3Ds and WiiU are going to shut down it will naturally kill everything related to the Online features of Fire Emblem Fates. The latter is important here, at least to me since I’ve collected quite a lot of memories when replaying the game over and over again.

I created a subreddit where I describe my idea in more detail. Basically I wanna try to gather some people to create one more Corrin just before the Online Servers bite in the dust. MyCastle is imo still the best Hubworld Fire Emblem ever had (at least compared to the very best Hubworld of Fire Emblem → Not even having a Hubworld, lol) and I doubt we’ll be getting something similar anytime soon again. So how to celebrate it better than by embracing the best feature that Corrin came with - being able to recruit other peoples Corrins.

If you are interested to participate, post your Corrin over there and spread the reddit to your friends so that it may reach more people. Thank you for the read, have a great Weekend!

Link to the Post.


What I have not considered yet but I’m offering now is:

If you want to participate but have no Reddit Acc, feel free to post your Corrin here in this thread. I’ll copy and paste these informations over there.

If you want to submit a Corrin for this project, your comment should contain the following informations:

-Name, Class, Level and inherited Skills of your Corrin. Additionally weapon ranks are appreciated.
-Your Region (American/Europe/Japan)
-Your castle adress (Note that this one will stay always the same for the cardridge you are using, so you can only set up 1 castle per cardridge.)
-Additional Information can contain: (Extra Classes for Secondary Reclassing, etc. and the Version you’re using.)


Name: Cipher
Class: Dread Fighter
Level: 40
Version: Revelation
Reclass Options: Nohr/Hoshido Noble, Master Ninja, Mechanist


  • Odd-Shaped
  • Even Better
  • Better Odds
  • Voice Of Peace
  • Evenhanded

Weapon Ranks: A-Sword, E-Axe, B-Shuriken

Region: America
Castle Name: Castle Bonds 2

Castle Address:


It’s not that low leveled, but wanted to submit this in case anyone wants VoP/Shapeshifter Skills or a funny Dread Fighter to use for Lunatic Mode. Fates meant a lot to me as a kid and I’m very sad to see the online scene for it end; thank you sincerely for setting this :` )

(Repost from the Reddit thread in case anyone else sees this)


Information: It seems as if I accidentally posted the wrong adress. It lead to my mega castle instead of the Calin castle. Since it is a european castle and the activity here is pretty low I don’t think anyone noticed. But yeah, now it is just as it was supposed to be. Apologize for everyone who was confused due to this.