One Class Calculates As Though It Has +10 Res

I’ve run into a strange issue working on a hack. I am using FEBuilder modifying Sacred Stones. It seems as though magic damage calculation against Bonewalkers is broken. I’ve checked against other enemies and cannot recreate this issue. Its possible this a problem with multiple classes and I’ve yet to uncover the others. I’ve tested this with tomes and magic swords and the calculation simply doesn’t add up. I believe the Resisitance stat is being treated as though it were 10 higher than it actually is.

I know I am on an older version of SkillSystems, and I can imagine a world where that may involve the problem. Unfortunately, when I try to update to newer versions it breaks the rom.

Below is a dropbox to a Report 7z:

Is it the floor? Some terrain grants an invisible +10 res bonus and it’s just called “floor” iirc.

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You were completely right. It just so happened that every bonewalker I tested was standing on a similar tile. Thank you!

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