On the issue of balancing the blockade

Hi, This is Bilal’s brother, I wonder about the future.

What do you think is a good way to balance the blockade ???

If the player gets caught up, how do you make him not very good?
Bilal thinks a lot of siege is a great and fun player, but I don’t know.
Personally, I think that excessive siege will allow the player to kill a lot of enemies without making much effort, and it will be unbalanced.

What are good strategies for countering this style of play?

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Do you mean how to make the game challenging if the player is good?

Add optional objectives or rewards attainable through playing quickly. Ie anti turtle incentive.

Apologies if I interpreted your post wrongly.


Do you mean chokepoints?
Eg. If there’s a narrow hallway or small bridge to cross, only 1 enemy can attack you at a time. This makes the game super easy.

Or do you mean defend chapters?
Or maybe you mean enemy-phase focused gameplay, where you are being attacked by many enemies.

Please take pictures of what you are trying to ask us about. I can’t really understand you very well.

i am talking about siege weapon

Oh, like Bolting and Ballista?
Those indeed trivialize gameplay a lot of the time. When they don’t trivialize gameplay, it’s because you’ve neutralized the advantage of huge range or made them ineffective (low hit or mt).

But there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of cheesing of levels. Just don’t dish out too many uses of these weapons.

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You are a smart man, thank you

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