Old FEU's Documentation

The old FEU/Shrine of Seals is gone, and with it (and all of the other lost incarnations over the years) a treasure trove of hacking information. I dug through the archives before they went down, and salvaged anything worth salvaging. Hopefully this reincarnation of Fire Emblem Universe will be just as worthwhile as the last.

metalpegasus’ Weight Routine
metalpegasus’ Battle Routine notes
metalpegasus’ Healing in FE7 notes
Lawliet’s Small Patches, FE7 & FE8
shadowofchaos’ Spell Importation Attempt
Gil-Galad sharing the FE6/7 Music Driver Source Code
Lawliet’s Discussion of FE8’s Skills
FurryYunSeong’s Notes on Valni, Lagdou and Skirmish Monsters
Celice’s Various Notes on FE1, FE2, and Famicom Wars
mariobro’s notes on FE7’s Prologue World Map
Obviam & Ryrumeli on Support Conversation Music
zahlman’s thoughts on Audio Optimization
FE8 Hacking: Discussion about the state of art