Oh dear, another one. The 53425th FE8 PME, it's different this time guys I swear (Submissions Closed)

Exactly what it says on the title. Remember that one time I started an FE8 PME and it flopped? Yep, gonna try another one, at least while I work on the other project I’m doing.
Quick thing for those submitting, and then I’ll do rules, stats, and anything else. Formortiis is gonna be something special, so aside from him, go wild lol.

Growths equal to 350 for normal characters. Skillsys will be installed, so if you want a personal skill, you get 3, one base, one at level 10, and one upon promo. Characters like Ross and Amelia get 400 growths and 4 skills, with the extra skill upon first promo. Myrrh replacement gets cut down to 400 growths like the trainees, but dragonstones will be unbreakable, and custom dragonstones will be available. Custom weapons are very cool, and I will totally accept them, so long as you provide an Icon.

Character Template

Class (Custom Classes are fine, but please detail how they work unless they’re very simple, I.E. Halberdier):
Boon (+4 to stat):
Bane(-4 to stat):


Current Characters Replaced


Erika: Amber by TheEmeraldKing
Seth: Chest Boat by MageBoy
Franz: Czene by Donlot
Gilliam: Casval by jackofblades1991
Vanessa: Black Mage by Penguino
Moulder: Estinien by DarkChibimon
Ross: Esfil by Dex
Garcia: Diane by Taylor
Neimi: Mina by FuriousHaunter
Colm: Erika by FuriousHaunter
Artur: Arthur by PG
Lute: Linda by PG
Natasha: Vuli by RNGSOMEONE
Joshua: Galahad by Lualito210
Ephraim: Steve by MageBoy
Kyle: Patrisha by Taylor
Forde: Douglas by UrsusKnight
Tana: Zen by VelvetKitsune
Amelia: Delilah by Taylor
Innes: Aoi by Florian
Gerik: Jerome by AramirTheRanger
Tethys: Incindental 37B by squidaccus
Ewan: Morrigan by DATonDemand
Saleh: RNGSOMEONE by MageBoy
Duessel: Sighard by amema003
Cormag: Roro by Taylor (This is funny to me)
Knoll: Tanya by Florian
Rennac: Elceran by AnneEgge
L’Archel: Merrin by TheEmeraldKing
Dozla: Link by RNGSOMEONE
Marisa: Luna by Taylor
Myrrh: Yubello by Fringus
Syrene: Byakuren by GreatDoot


O’Neil: Boris by Florian
Breguet: Garrison by TheEmeraldKing
Bone: Crescentia by Florian
Bazba: Komachi by TheEmeraldKing
Chapter 4 Entombed: The Big Shell by TheEmeraldKing267
Saar: Kostas by TheEmeraldKing267
Zonta: Gandolf by Florian
Novala: Rahzar by TheEmeraldKing267
Murray: Miller by TheEmeraldKing267
Tirado: Raine by RNGSOMEONE
Binks: Pallardó by TheEmeraldKing
Pablo: Roro by RNGSOMEONE (Pain)
Chatper 11A Wight: Anna (Not that Anna) by RNGSOMEONE
Chapter 12A Maelduin: Pallardó by TheEmeraldKing
Aias: Roro by RNGSOMEONE (More Pain)
Carlyle: Kleine by RNGSOMEONE
Gheb: Barth by Florian
Beran: Walter by Florian
Chapter 10 Green Squad: Acheron by TheEmeraldKing267
Chapter 11B Deathgoyle: ???(You’ll see, this is a spoiler for a reason) by RNGSOMEONE
Chapter 12B Cyclops: Mado by RNGSOMEONE
Selena: Ferber by TheEmeraldKing267
Vigarde: Danann by RNGSOMEONE
Valter: Vantha by amema003
Callach: MissingNo. by MageBoy
Orson: Evil Ivor by TheEmeraldKing267
Lyon: Sagumoto by Dex
Chapter 18 Gorgon: Bernadetta by RNGSOMEONE
Riev: The Power Zangers by RNGSOMEONE
Morva: The Power Zangers by RNGSOMEONE
Lyon: Crystal Exarch by DarkChibimon
Formortiis: Mine lol, you’ll see what this one is!

Current "Other" Changes

Vulneraries have 5 uses, and are slightly more expensive
Iron weapons all have 50 uses, and are slightly more expensive
Mages have better CON (YES!)
Dark tomes are no longer made of steel(Not that we have a dark mage rn lol)
Units can now S-rank multiple weapon types (Be wary of this one, I have plans…)

Alright, that about wraps it up, have fun!


Good luck on this one! We’ll have to see if I toss anything at your head this time when I’m not rushedly putting something together probably, haha.

Name: Chest Boat
Description: A boat with a chest in it.
Replacing: Seth
Class (Custom Classes are fine, but please detail how they work unless they’re very simple, I.E. Halberdier): Chest Boat
Description: A boat with a chest in it.
15 HP, 0 STR, 3 SKL, 3 SPD, 3 DEF, 3 RES, 0 CON (Mounted Aid Calc), 5 MOV {Give it 1 tile movement on water, and 2 on land and 3 on forests, 255 on mountains/peaks/walls etc.}

Map Sprites:

Boon (+4 to stat): HP
Bane(-4 to stat): SKL
Affinity: Ice
HP: 100%
Str: 0%
Skl: 0%
Spd: 100%
Def: 75%
Res: 75%
Lck: 0%


  • Elixir
  • Brave Sword
  • Brave Axe
  • Brave Bow

Base: Saviour
Level 10: Celerity


Other Requests: Remove Supply from the main lords and give it to this character.


Does sir Chest Boat have the ability to attack?

Name: Diane


Portrait made by CanDy

Description: Strong and dependable. She believes that failure is never a option, only an escape


Class: Brigand

Promotion: Marshall
(Has the same promotion gains as a paladin expect gains +4 con)
(Uses Swords, Lances, and Axes)

Animation made by Nuramon

Boon (+4 to stat): Con
Bane(-4 to stat): Hp
Affinity: Ice
Growths: 350%
HP: 45
Str: 55
Skl: 60
Spd: 60
Def: 50
Res: 50
Lck: 30

Inventory: Iron Axe


Base: Sure Shot

Level 10: Axefaith

After Promotion: Acrobat

Death Quote: Why can’t… I… move…

No, It does not

Ill have a spin at Ross and reserve him if that’s fine

Name: Link
Replace: Dozla
Class: Ranger (M)
Description: An outrealmer traveling to regain his lost HP

Stats: Final Stats (Personal Base)
HP: 16 (-5)
STR: 18 (11)
SKL: 18 (12)
SPD: 20 (13)
LCK: 10 (10)
DEF: 17 (11)
RES: 8 (5)
CON: 9 (0)
A-Sword, B-Bow
Personal bases add up to Dozla’s personal bases +3 (typical of most PME). Yes, Link has a negative HP base, this is intended.

HP: 25
STR: 55
SKL: 55
SPD: 65
LCK: 45
DEF: 65
RES: 40

Inventory: Silver Sword, Longbow, Elixir
Skills (all learned at base due to being prepromoted): Vigilance, Astra, Hero

Defeat Quote: Guh!

Portrait by JeorgeReds
For some reason the Repo forces me to copy all three mugs at once. Use the middle one.

Great stats all around, nonexistent HP. Got Seraph Robes to spare?

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Should there be death quotes or no?

Yes, I forgot to put that in the template lol.

Speaking of which. I went by the old rule of thumb of doing +3 to personal base stat total maximum. IDK what the exact rules on base stats are so…
Feel free to give a concrete amount as that’ll change up how I make units.

that’s fine for base stats

Name: Esfil
Description: A girl with a golden smile and silver tounge. She also manages the convoy and is secretly a dragon Shh.
Replacing: Ross
Class: Pupil that promotes to either troubadour or mage if that’s fine(loses anima upon promotion to troubadour)
Boon (+4 to stat): Res
Bane(-4 to stat): Def
Affinity: Fire
HP: 45
Mag: 50
Skl: 40
Spd: 55
Def: 15
Res: 35
Lck: 55
lower Growths are intended
Personal: Bargain
Promo 1: White pool
Level up: Nighttide
Promo 2: celerity

Credit to Remurin.

Red gem
Death quote: This might prove fatal if I keep going… I’ll return to watch the convoy don’t expect me to be on the battlefield again.

Seems that the portraits are all connected on my end as well. See if you can reformat that, so I can just throw it in.

Is this Silver Card in Ch4?!

Seems that way.

What’s the allowed submission rate person per day?

I’m gonna go with 2, bosses or playables.


fixed, check original post

Name: Amber
Description: A Duchess of a far away land
Replacing: Eirika
Class (Custom Classes are fine, but please detail how they work unless they’re very simple, I.E. Halberdier): Duchess.


Boon (+4 to stat): Res
Bane(-4 to stat): Def
Affinity: Light
HP: 70%
Str: 40%
Skl: 50%
Spd: 30%
Def: 50%
Res: 40%
Lck: 20%
Mag: 50%

Inventory: Nosferatu. Mend. Thunder