NPC to third power

  • Hacking method: FEbuilder

  • Base Game: Fire Emblem 8

I’ve had a fe hack idea for quite a while, and I feel ready to work on it myself, however, the main part that I really really want to implement that’s crucial, is to have green units be a 3rd power that is fully independent from the blue and red teams. I am aware there is a “Make NPC (Ally) as third power” patch, however that does not fix several issues such as green units passing through blue units and vice versa.

I am fully aware that the fourth allegiance patch exists, however I 100% want to use the skills patch which is incompatible, and I am fully okay with removing allied green units, as I can just keep that in mind when designing levels and such

I apologise if my explanation isn’t clear, feel free to ask me anything