Notification Issues?

Hey y’all. It seems that my browser isn’t getting notifications from FEU at all.
I have to check manually to know of any updates and such.
Lemme know if you got a solution for it. Thanks!

Every topic has this as the default notification setting

Are the topics you aren’t getting responses from set to this?

Well, I set it so that when I create a topic, it defaults to “Tracking”.
I do get the notification on my user icon at the top right,
but not as a pop-up on my browser. Is this a bug or something?
I don’t need it, it just would be nice I guess. :neutral_face:

Oh that’s something on your browser’s end, not the site. Or need to enable push notifications or something.

Oh! Gotcha! Do you have an idea on where I could configure that? Or is that like, browser specific?

It’s likely in your browser’s settings, but I don’t know for sure.

However, looking into it further, it’s also possible that feu doesn’t send them in the first place (I thought they were a default feature).


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Oh wait, I got it working! I was configuring with my OS’s notification settings! Thank you kindly for you’re help! Thought it was the site itself!

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