Noob Hacking Confessions

Confess something nooby you’ve done. Pretend it was way back when you started rom hacking for the first time.

My confession: when I was first using febuilder and I saw that a unit’s state could be “Tequila’s Capture”, I thought @Tequila must be a fire emblem character. Just some random unit in a FE I’ve never played that can capture, maybe the japanese name for a unit (it’s pretty weird to have a character named after alcohol, so it must be the japanese name!)


I used FEditor.


In FEBuilder’s eventing editor, the Fade commands (FADI, FADU, FAWI, FAWU) have a parameter input that is labeled “Speed” and measured in “frame sec.” When I started working on my hack late last summer, I didn’t really know what it referred to (which was true for many aspects of FEB at the time).

So, being a habitual PC gamer, I saw the words “frame sec” and thought to myself, “Oh, obviously you want 60 for that.” So I set every fade command in my hack at 60.

I didn’t realize how it’s actually supposed to be used until quite far into building my back - like when I was constructing Chapter 23 or 24, maybe 3 or 4 months ago. So then I went back through the entire hack and changed it for every fade to be more appropriate depending on the gameplay situation (which actually didn’t take that long, but still, lol).


There was this one time I was hacking fe6. Keep in mind this was before Febuilder was made. I was making changes to chapter seven, Rebellion of Ostia. I was just doing random things like adding new characters and a whole bunch of green and red units.

I can not, for the life of me, remember how I messed up, but there were multiple waves of enemies and npcs that just kept repeatedly spawning back to back. It was to a point where the game would lag from dragging the cursor around or on other phases. It was a blown out war with fighting everywhere on that map. To this day, that was the most fun I had with a map. I think that’s why I love bigger maps in Fe now. I think that rom was randomized too so lol!


I tried to do a chain of very inconvenient events for FE8 instead of realizing there was a world map skip patch.

I used to be afraid of assemblers. I wrote my first few assembly routines in no$gba and copied the resulting bytes out into a hex dump. Calculating jump/bl offsets by hand is fun.

I figured that this was easier than grabbing devkit, somehow. Don’t be me.


Does it count if you’re still very much a noob? But my most embarrassing moment so far was on Day 1; I didn’t realize that SkillSystems allows you to see stat growth rates on the status screen and was convinced the units were somehow getting base stat numbers in the 50s and whatnot. So I messed around with base stats, trying to figure out why units weren’t doing tons of damage with their 55 attack… before realizing I’m an idiot.


the first thing I did was make eliwood a monk and use his white robe portrait


I’m still a noob, so I guess this doesn’t really count, but since the unarmed animation is labelled ‘item’, I was confused why the item animation wasn’t showing when I used a vulnerary. I was convinced I had screwed up something.

Then someone reminded me that using a vulnerary has never shown animations.


I tried inserting custom animations for the first time a few days ago and I was thinking similarly. You see, I never actually use battle animations ingame, so I was like “oh, some items must have battle animations? How does that work? Like pure water or something?”

I didn’t really give it any further thought til now. Today I learned

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Remember how I said that J&P Gaiden was a remake of my first ever hack? Yeah the original had tons of issues.

  • I put playables past id 0x45 (and really far past, like in the 0xD section)
  • Mixing FE7/FE8 colors
  • Estria Classic had skill bloat and rng based skills
  • Really awful recolors
  • I tried to do a route split

I tried using Blazers hacking guide like two years ago and was confused af

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When I first started I didn’t even know there were free to use assets so I just repaletted vanilla mugs using colour values taken from other vanilla characters.

Chester started off as white Cormag.

I also committed the cardinal sin of having a Marisa recolour. Jenna was just Marisa with colours taken from Knoll’s palette.


I uninstalled skill systems, twice.



I don’t think this needs any explanation.


The man.
The myth.
The legend.

Banana Man.


Ah yes the attempt of having cool, unique color palettes for you units but them you realize it was better in your head than in the game


Mine would definitely be somehow installing a two year old version of the skillspatch and basically screwing up the whole project because i neither noticed it nor knew of any problems it could cause until it was too late, aka 3 months into development.


I did the same thing, except it was two years ago so it was the most recent version of skillsystems at the time.

What circumstance lead it to being a problem for you? As for me it was a unit erasing bug that meant there could be a total of 50 enemies for the entire map including reinforcements, which i didn’t know until chapter 7.