Non-GBA Fan Games?

Obviously, the GBA games have tons of hacks, and are clearly the easiest to hack. But, has anyone ever tried to hack fan games based on the Gamecube, Wii, or 3DS games? Or, has anyone tried to create tools like FE Builder for those platforms? Would that even be possible?

My brain was just running wild imagining fan games based on the Radiant Dawn or Fates engines.


I’ve seen 3DS hacking with extra/new characters and supports around, but not owning a hacked 3DS rn means its lost on me. GC/Wii hacking is relatively new and Radiant Dawn has so far only received two “overhauls” rather than new stories.

Paragon and Exalt together make up a pretty good FEBuilder equivalent for 3DSFE, only thing they can’t really handle is texture/model/animation replacements which are possible with other tools.

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