Noguchi's Streams!

Howdy hey friends, Noguchi here!

I hadn’t been advertising here a whole lot but I decided I’d go ahead and drop a line that I’ve recently started streaming over on! I’ve mostly been doing variety stuff.

You can also find VODs and random highlights and stuff on my YouTube here.

As far as schedule goes, I stream Mondays and Thursdays at 7 PM EST. These streams are whatever singleplayer game I’m currently working through.

So far, these have been Red Faction: Guerrilla and Tales of Vesperia. Next up in that slot will be Oxenfree, starting next Monday.

I also stream most Fridays at various times around that timeslot. These vary week-to-week, as I’ve done co-op streams on Halo campaigns, Clone Hero streams, and other nonsense. I’ll also be starting, as of tonight, an FE10 Randomizer playthrough so be sure to check that out starting probably around 7:00 Eastern tonight!

You can also check out my Twitter @1stLtNoguchi if you want more consistent updates I’ll probably only post here when I finish playthroughs.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see some of you in my stream in the coming weeks!