No-autosave patches for F.E. 7 and 8 (jpn version)

Hello everyone.
Could any of you users kindly tell me where to download them, or possibly could you create them for me with FEbuilder?
A few years ago I myself modified with FEbuilder the US versions of F.E. 7 and 8 by removing the autosave function of these games (there is a dedicated option in that software) and then created two patches (ips files) from the difference between them and the original ones. Unfortunately, where I live now I do not have a PC available and do everything via tablet or smartphone.
These patches are especially needed for GBARunner 2 (a gba emulator for DS consoles) which has graphical (black lines) and sound (creaks) defects every time the autosave is triggered.
Thanks to anyone who reads and especially to those who will eventually provide me with these patches, In ips or other format.

Hmm… I note with deep regret that no one has responded to me, for better or worse. :sob:
Too bad! Not even a cough, a burp, a fart.
Nothing. How come? Was I perhaps being rude? Too demanding? Overbearing? I don’t think so.

Yet I thought that one way or another these patches already existed and were easily obtainable because they were useful in more situations.

So, moved by need, I will try to bump this poor thread of mine from time to time, in the sad hope that someone will be moved by pity and sympathy and write me a few lines to give me some useful suggestions, links or the coveted files.
Thanks again. :pray:

Your thread was only up for a day. Don’t bump your threads without good reason: that’s spam.

Thanks chief for the warning, but I confess I was hoping for some other kind of intervention, alas. Then possibly I will wait a few weeks before bumping this thread again, alright? Please pal, don’t get upset; it was not my intention to spark a controversy over a trifle. :pray:

So you need FE7J and FE8J ups with autosave killer patch?
If so, here they are;
FE7J Autosave Removed
FE8J Autosave Removed

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Wow, thank you so much, buddy! Just what I wanted. I was afraid I’d have to wait a long time.
I’m very pleased. For this, you will always have my undying and heartfelt gratitude… for what little it’s worth. :wink:

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No problem, saw the post late. Fortunately, I am already at my pc by the time I saw it. Haven’t tested the patch myself yet as all I did was install the autosave remover patch on it and nothing else.

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Hmm… Usually I use these no-autosave patches also for F.E. Hacks (US), for the reason already explained above, applied to the already modified rom, and everything worked perfectly, but they were in ips format.

This time I tried to patch F.E. 7(j) with the no-autosave patch and everything is fine. But if I then apply, e.g. the “Sword of Heaven and Earth” patch, the rom is corrupted and freezes the android emulator MyBoy! (only used to test them). If I apply the hack patch first and then the no-autosave patch I still get a corrupted rom. How come? With my patches in ips format it didn’t happen. Could it depend on the type of format?

Well, after converting the 2 patches to ips format, they now seem to work. For now I’ve only tried “Sword of Heaven and Earth” and everything is ok: with GBARunner2 on DSi, without the autosave function the graphic and sound issues have disappeared. I will do the same with the few other japanese F.E.Hacks translated into english. :+1: