Nintendo Fanon Network in the works

Hello FEUniverse! Wraith here, Bureaucrat of Pikmin Fanon wiki. I am posting here today to promote a new project in the works. We are looking in to making a Nintendo Fanon wiki where you can post fan art, fan ideas, and fangame concepts! You would be able to post OC content! The thing that is most relevant is that we are aiming to document ROM hacks as well. If there are any interested parties in helping set up the project, please let me know! Also please let me know if you’d be interested in hosting your fanon content on the site!

Thanks for your time,

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Hello Wraith! Welcome on the website of FEUniverse!

This sounds like an awesome initiative and I can’t wait to see the result! Will this wiki function the same as the two existing wikis, or is it different?

I wish you the best of luck with the wiki!


I appreciate your interest. This wiki will essentially be a tree of wikis. The baseline will be the Nintendo Fanon wiki, with sections dedicated to every franchise except for Pikmin, because it has an established wiki dating back to 2008. Pikmin Fanon will be its own separate wiki, a subdomain of Nintendo Fanon wiki. But user accounts are in sync across both. Once a franchise section on Nintendo Fanon grows big enough, it will be exported to its own wiki. So imagine the Fire Emblem section growing enough then becoming Fire Emblem fanon wiki!

If you are interested in joining the community when it is set up, we have a discord server. You can help out, or just watch the progress of the project. Once the wiki is up, then you can post content to the Fire Emblem section of Nintendo Fanon wiki (or whatever you are interested in besides FE) and of course document ROM hacks.

Thanks for the consideration,


Sweet Idea for a Nintendo Fanon Network.

But is there a possibility for FE ROM hacks to be displayed there? It would be great to shed some light towards the finished projects and gain interest from other Nintendo fans?

Just a suggestion.

Yes, that is our intention, to allow all rom hacks of nintendo franchise games.

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Sounds interesting. Where’s this going to be hosted?