NFT Policy

Before the questions come in about where this is coming from, this is a preemptive stance. As of now, no one has attempted to promote or sell NFTs. However, given the public discourse, it would not surprise us if someone did.

This is a topic that FEU as a whole cannot influence or affect outside of this site. What you choose to do on another platform is your business and we will do our best to keep others from treating you any differently because of it. We respect your decision, and hope that others do as well. So respect ours.

For many reasons, we do not want anything to do with them here. If you are found trying to sell/promote NFTs on this website, you will get 1 warning, followed by a ban if you do it a second time. If you are caught stealing and selling other work that has been posted here as NFTs, you will be banned from the site. No warning, no second chance.

tl dr:
NFT: No Fucking Thanks.