Newbie asking questions

I’ve been fiddling with FEBuilderGBA for a while and want to add some more unlockable characters in the Creature Campaign. Example: I want to add more events that check if I cleared the Tower or the Ruin for the 2nd time, and the game gives me new characters.
I only plan to add 2 characters.

What I have tried:

I tried adding an extra Fado as a test in the same “Unit State” slot as Caellach. I just click in the “Unit State” in Extra unit window - Flag 67. The “Unit Placer” window appeared and I just added Fado in with Caellach. It did not work.

I tested this (screenshots below), and it worked, but this “new” Novala has the same requirement as Caellach (because I don’t know how to create new event flags).


I have no idea where the condition flag for Selena/Lyon are (they require clearing the Tower/Ruin for the third time). If I can find that, I may be able to copy-paste the flag and modify it.

In short, I need help with creating extra event flags for “unlock [character X] after cleared Tower/Ruin for the second time”.

I have searched for this topic on this forum, however, I never touch the coding because I’m very bad with this… subject, and I need some VERY detailed guides or tutorials (preferrably with images if you guys can spare the time), if it IS coding-related and I have to write codes. Please understand, I’m VERY slow on this kind of subject if visual aid isn’t available.
Please assume that I know nothing in this matter.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Boneace!

Your problem seems to indeed be a lack of flags. As far as I know there are no way to create extra flags sadly.

However, it is possible to rename a “Global flag” and give them the name: “extra unit Novala” or something. By turning on a flag that belongs to a corresponding unit, they will join your party. Link the characters you wish to make extra units to a Global flag and rename that flag. I’d pick a global flag that is close to the end of the flag list. Turn it on when you want to grant the player the unit.

Hope this solution works. Otherwise I might help you by doing some research and/or making a video tutorial.

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I think it’s possible, but where can I modify or re-write flags?
Which menu/window in FEBuilderGBA can I do that with? Event Editor (Adv)? Event Editor (Adv) Instruction Selection?

If only I can see the event conditions for Selena and Lyon…

I think the easiest way would be to Set Flag (ENUT) in the end event of the tower/ruins floor.

Since you want it to only happen if you’ve previously cleared it, you’ll need to have a condition to set said flag. Ismaire only joins when flag 0x6E is on after completing the tower. So if it’s already on, we’re on the 2nd or later attempt.


BEQ 10 rC r0 
// Ismaire Flag is On 
ENUT NewGlobalFlagId // for example, 0xA0 is free 
// Rest of the end event goes here 

Then in the table of extra unit appearances, you make your new flag load the unit(s) of your choice.

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Thank for the reply, but can you tell me where/how to put this in FEBuilder?
As mentioned, I know literally nothing about this matter.

Also, no one knows which Selena/Lyon “extra units” events are stored? I mean their addresses in Event Editor.
Well, I clicked through a bunch of stuffs and ended up in the Disassembler window, and it seems that Riev/Hayden requirements are hard-coded in the game.

Yes, they are loaded via hard coding, not an event afaik.

If you save the text as a .event file, you can import it in the event editor.

Oh Naga, that is even more difficult than I thought.

Well, maybe someone can use the information better than I can :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m trying to download the Graphic Editor from the Dropbox link in this thread, but got an error “(4xx) We can’t find the page you’re looking for.”
Am I not allowed to access this or the site is down?

Nope, I get the same error. The file can’t be found I think

Gba graphics editor is in febuilder under Tools.

It is also found here:

I guess I never notice.
Thanks for the replies, as always.

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Hello again.
I have more questions.

One. How “bad” it would be if I expand the class list to more than 128 slots? Or any list for that matter? What are the issues that may occur?

Two. Where/when are Vanessa and Moulder added to the party? Which chapter or map is it?

Three. I tried to modify Syrene’s starting inventory by replacing the Javelin with a sword, but somehow the game keeps revert her inventory to a Silver Lance and a Javelin. I don’t know where I did wrong. This is not a big issue in actual gameplay, but it bothers me.

By default, the game only saves 7 bits of the class ID, which means any ID over 127 will have 128 subtracted from it whenever a save is reloaded. There are patches to change this behavior and allow saving up to 256 classes, however, there are enough classes within the first 128 that this is likely unneeded, as you can reuse an unused class in the existing set instead. In pretty much every other case, there is no issue with extending a table up to a point that FEBuilder is aware of and will not allow you to expand it beyond.

Vanessa and Moulder join in the cutscene at Castle Frelia, as they are available in your party on the world map before the start of Chapter 2. The event for this cutscene is the start event for chapter 0x38.

There are two versions of each chapter 15-21x, one each for Eirika and Ephraim routes. Make sure you’re editing both versions of Syrene for both routes and not just the one on the route opposite to what you chose.

I see.

I will be mindful about this.

I don’t actually want to expand the class list, this is just a “just in case” question if I need to. Thank for the answers.