New User Here!

Hi! I’m fairly new to the Fire Emblem franchise and the only games I’ve played are FE7 (completed Eliwood Normal) and FE6 (didn’t like to be honest). I have no other experience with the many other games in the franchise but after seeing how great these ROMhacks and Fan Games are, I immediately got inspired to make my own Hack of the games.

There is just one problem though.

I’m stuck on an Android tablet since my laptop is still getting repaired after a hard-drive failure. So I’m here asking if there is a way for me to develop or contribute to any ROMhacks on Android.

Thanks and I hope I’ll get along here fine!


Hello! Welcome to FEUniverse! For as far as I’m aware, there are no apps on phones and tablets that will allow you to edit a rom. You could maybe edit or recolor some portraits via a pixelart app but that is all you can do on a tablet I think.

Well, you can at least plan what you want to do with your hack by working on a spreadsheet or similar, until your laptop becomes available to you. That’s probably the best action you could take so early in development, anyhow.

Welcome to the community, you’ll be fine as long as you don’t get mixed up in any of the uhhhh [DATA EXPUNGED]