New User - cannot upload media


I would like to post a few battle animation reskins, but I am not allowed to post links or media. How long do the “New User” restrictions stay, and when might I be able to post images?
Also, I don’t see the option on a user’s profile to message them.

Any help is appreciated.


New users are not allowed to post images or message users as a spam prevention measure. So long as you make a few posts (the post you’ve just made counts), you’ll get the required permissions in about 24 hours.

See the relevant paragraph of the rules below.

Thank you very much.

If it’s a couple of animations you want to post, you can join the FE Repo Discord and post it there. I can add them to the repo sooner and post them on FeU for you until you can post for yourself.

Thank you Jj09. I submitted there.


Is the “a few posts” to be taken literally or is just commenting here enough? I have a complete ROMhack that I’d really like to drop (a full English dialogue patch for Biraku Emblem) and I’d love it if there were a way for me to do that without going around in random topics and making a nuisance of myself haha. Totally understand the need to protect against spam links though.

Make a brief intro thread maybe
Idk how it works exactly

I actually got the promotion just a few moments ago, so problem solved haha.