New sword ranged attack for existing animations project

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Hello FEU!

As a pixel and an aspiring animator, I’m always thinking of different ideas for creations. One thing that I’ve been thinking about for quite sometime now is to relation to my own FE project, but something that can help with making FE hacks more unique!

In terms of custom of animations, there are a lot good custom ones, but there is one certain animation that I’ve rarely, and it’s honestly surprising! Swords in FE are known for using casting animations for ranged attacks, because it’s fairly easy to make poses for and it doesn’t take a lot of work. However, in some rare cases like Roy and Zephiel, they instead use a slashing animation for ranged attacks. Heck, in Roy’s cases a casting animation would be better considering the type of effect used for his prf, but IS went the extra mile to give a slashing animation to the weapon to show how special it is. It’s not until the Tellius saga that slashing ranged attacks were more frequently used for ranged swords, and after that, was never really used again.(Not counting Byleth’s Creator Sword cause it’s a whip sword)

So why the intro? Well, if it wasn’t obvious, I want more of these animations to be a thing in GBA FE, so I plan on making secondary slashing animations for existing sword using classes! What mainly inspired me to attempt this was the fact that there are sword wave animations in the repo, but no real classes that can take advantage of them. Also, as a bonus, this would be great animation practice for me without having to make a whole sprite from scratch.

I don’t want this to be one man show, though, so if anyone wants to contribute to this idea, whether it’s scripting, sharing ideas, or even making some animations too, feel free to do so!

Also, at least right now, I don’t plan on making custom animations for ALL the sword classes available(too much work lmao). I primary wanna focus on all the animations for my own project, as well as some others that I just think would look cool. Also, I work at a steady pace so progress won’t be frequent.


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