Big Dudes are coming through…

This is a not-so-serious FE8 romhack where me and my friends are all playable characters, along with people we’ve met and played online with over the years. You follow the story of Nathan and Wilton, the two foremost Big Dudes, as they battle against the dastardly Riot Games, their sworn enemies the French*, and the dark forces of Reddit. You’ll discover the Legendary Gym Items scattered throughout the continent, and these items may be the key to defeating the past once and for all…

*Note: Although France shows up as an enemy in this hack, this is just a joke among friends. We obviously harbor no ill will toward real-life French people. Love you France <3. All characters and events in this romhack are fictional, etc.

The UPS patch for the game is here:

Also, on my YouTube channel, Wilton and I will be playing through the game. The first episode, covering chapters 1-3, is already uploaded.

Finally, I also have an original FE fangame in the works, which is unrelated to this romhack. This fangame is still in early stages, and I will release a demo and trailer when the first few chapters are ready. Please answer this survey regarding your Fire Emblem opinions if you haven’t done so. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Thank you.
-Light Brand


Dude holy crap there’s a redditor in this?!?

Pegi 18, at LEAST. Yeesh!

Keep pumpin’, brother.