New Project out here!

Yo dudes! I’m doing a project that i’m going to show at FEE3 and eventually restart on the FireShell engine.
The project is the same blabla boring and all “Sequel” of FE7, oriented like 2 years after FE7. In this i’m going to centralize on Jaffar&Nino, but sure other characters from FE7 (And even FE6) will appear. There are totally going to be new characters, obviously.

For the story part, i’m actually waiting for an answer from Arch xD Cause i wanted to feature even the story after the one of the Fangs that was in Elibian Nights because i liked it a lot.

I can do things in hacking (Especially in a bad way, but let’s say i can do it), but as a spriter i really am terrible. lol If anyone wants to help, yeah, i’ll definitely accept it… But i know that no one will want to help me without an effective show of what i can do. Well let’s say that you all will see it at FEE3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, the name. Lol i really can’t find a name that actually fits in and that i like xD ideas?

I’ll show some screenshots for sure. But not now xD I’ll post them soon, though.

Well i think that with just that introduction no one will ever care about this.

So let’s post screenshots!

A really short “Beta” list of credits:
All the hacking community
Arch, Blazer, and all of the tutorial writers because i obviously used them
All the creator of the useful programs of the hacking community
Nickt for making his awesome portraits and let them be used by the rest of the community

Plans for the future:

  • Having a release date for a Beta, after the FEE3
  • Having re-vamped portraits of the non-new characters (Actually Niime is the only one that needs it a lot, but since the story is time-stationed after FE7 a re-vamp of all the cast would be cool i think)
  • Including a map system, where you go after one chapter. In this map i want to add the feature of secondary missions, where you have to do x thing and you get recompensed by the requester, with gold or some things. I have a plan on how to get this started but i actually haven’t already done it.

Well i forgot to mention that i’m doing this on FireShell and probably use the lastest FireShell when it comes, and to thanks Arch for the great resource that FireShell is!

i feel like those paths are making some kind of illuminati symbol

dammit you discovered the plan

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