New Moderators

Hey, everyone!

Our moderation staff has been stretched a little thin recently, and it’s been a while since we’ve done this song and dance, so we’re opening mod applications once again. Note that we’re looking for a discord mod and a forum mod.

Fill out this form to submit an application! (CLOSED)

If you’ve previously expressed interest in a moderator position to me, please fill out the form and mention this (or don’t, I won’t hold it against you) in the long answer section. Do not contact me directly about your application, I will ignore it.

Unlike previous rounds, this time, we won’t be taking official moderator nominations. If there’s someone you think would do a good job, you can let the staff know by DM (on the forum, please! I’m liable to forget to forward it if you just send it via Discord), or convince them to apply yourself. Also, Cam’s favorite color is blue; knowing this will show me that you read the entire post, which is a good quality for a mod to have!


Since I forgot to set a deadline initially, applications close on 21 January. No particular clock time; if you get sniped by the exact cutoff, feel free to DM me your last minute app.

Based on the rate of incoming apps, official deadline is midnight EST (GMT-5), or roughly seven hours from this message.

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Thanks to everyone who submitted applications and nominations!

After a lot of discussion, we’ve brought on @Xilirite to help out in the Creative section, @Contro for Development, and @Darrman as a new forum moderator, please give them all a welcome!

As a matter of transparency, since I know it will seem like we made a pretty quick decision, most of the discussion about this matter happened over the past week, while applications were still open. In fact, almost all of the applications we received were submitted within the first three days! For those of you who did submit later on, I want to reassure you that we did give you your due consideration. While I can’t reveal too many specifics, if you’d like to hear a bit about what we thought of you, please feel free to reach out.