New hack : mod aboose emblem


Lord : circles
Weapon : money
luck : 31 (now its really cheating much)

If you want to submit a char :
the char format is :
name :
weapon :
talent that makes u special : (X much)


I’ll need to see some screenshots before I consider helping this proyect.


Circles doesnt needs screenshots to be good


Tru dat


here’s another char :
Name : zane
Weapon : Bones
Luck : doot


name: cam
weapon: computers
luck: -10


name : arch
weapon : alcool(shinon much)
luck : hopefully he’ll get some when en releases


Character: lusqina
weapon: bread (lusty much)
redeeming qualities: none


Name: MC
Weapon: Salt
Res Growth: 3%


k now that we have characters we need portraits

submit soon


update : screenshot


character: kabby
weapon: cookie
stats: lowest (lol much)
can you please use the patch that changes the font to comic sans


This is Lusqina. She was sent to this timeline from ten days in the future, when the FE Universe is ruled by shitposts because the sacred Spoiler Tag has been destroyed and Arch has become a breakfast cereal. She fights to save this timeline from the horrible fate that her own timeline met.


is the proyect dead?
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
reply soon




This is Kabby, she went into the past alongside Lusqina, but the shitposts scared her to the point where her dragonsto- I mean cookie became tainted with the dark powers of the insanity within darkness itself.


Hello there Crazydelhonnez5


character: Chuchu
weapon: stick (tome)
special talent: having no physical or emotional defenses what so ever
Portrait: Yes


Character Name: Blue
Talent: Waterwalking(Jesus Much)
Weapon: Thani(really just the effective against horses and armors it doesn’t have to actually be Thani)


the char format is :
name :
weapon :
talent that makes u special :