New FE8 Project: Lute's Chapter

Hello everyone, I’ve been here for about a year but it’s my first post. I’ve been working on this project for a while and recently picked it up again, it tells the story of Lute after the events of FE8, following a story where she got married to Kyle and they face a new threat from a mysterious island. Over time I want to add more things and when I have a good part of the story I will upload the ROM to get your opinion. I leave you a preview here, thank you very much for reading :heart:

Lute (1)_1679001561260
Lute (1)_1679001291406
Lute (1)_1679001130331


and i would like to add that i’m not doing sprites or portraits at all, so i’m using what i find here and of course, i’ll give them their respective credits here and in the end credits of the game!