New details for FE3House

  • You can “Rewind Time” like in Echoes
    but only once per fight
    as a “convenient” way to reduce need for restarting

  • Normal/Hard difficulty and
    Casual/Classic mode.

  • Expect terrain to work like in classic FE with some being warp tiles

  • Class Change is gone.
    Replaced by “Exams”. Characters need to spend Exam Passes(?) and the chance of passing a class exam improves with higher skill ranks. Once a new class has been unlocked for the character, they can freely change back anytime. Unlike most past mainline FE games, there are no changes to a character’s equippable weapon types (?), and the character level won’t go back to Lv1 when changing class. Certain classes will also earn specific bonuses, such as that class’s fixed skills.

  • Weapon Ranks are now renamed as Weapon Ability.
    Each Weapon Level gives you a skill. Sample:

    “Sword Skill Lv.1 (Sword)- When equipping Sword, Accuracy +5, Evasion +7, Critical Evade +5
    Swordslayer (Lance) - When equipping Spear and fighting against Sword enemy, Accuracy & Evasion +20
    Axe Skill Lv.1 (Axe) - When equipping Axe, Accuracy +7, Evasion +5, Critical Evade +5
    Close Range Counter (Bow) - Allows counter-attacks with a bow when attacked from close range
    Reason Lv.1 (Black/Dark Magic) - When equipping Black or Dark Magic, Accuracy +7, Evasion +5, Critical Evade +5
    Faith Lv.1 (Faith) - When equipping White Magic, Accuracy +5, Evasion +7, Critical Evade +5”

  • Characters start in Commoner or Noble class depending on their origins, but these starting classes are the same stat-wise. These are non-distinctive classes that can wield some basic magic.


Dope, the class system sounds a little more interchangeable like Final Fantasy.

“Classes? In a Fire Emblem game, something that we have since the first game. Nah we don’t need it anymore.”

Also, It sounds like they taking the idea from Valkyria Chronicles with the Exams

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I am completely fine with the new set up of classes/reclassing and weapon levels. I’ve said for a long time that a class shouldn’t define a character, the character should define the character.

To me, it makes no logical sense that a character that has training in using Staves/Healing Magic should lose that trait when switching classes (see Cherche, where it’s literally a part of her backstory). Nor does it make sense that a Mage can’t pick up an Iron Sword at all (granted, they might not be able to use it very well, but they should still be able to swing it around). The new way the weapon levels are handled (able to be trained and focused on, but widely open) seems like it’s going to make that a reality.

That said, I would honestly want them to couple this with even more of a focus on things like Fates’ Personal Skills to further emphasize the uniqueness of the character to make up for the new fluidity in specializations. (It doesn’t have to be specifically Fates’ Personals (and it’s looking like it’s more Path of Radiance-y where it’s innate “classic” skills), but I feel that can be better used to establish positive and negative things about characters.) That way, a character becomes their Personal Skills, the default specializations of “weapon levels”, and their personalities (Supports, involvement in the story, etc.), with room to grow however you dictate to them with training, focusing on what weapon skills to grow in, and what classes to take exams on (and, thus, what skills you might learn in that class).

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I don’t get it

Neither I.
The raw translation is: “You don’t need to change weapons. (fullstop)” (I guess during a class change?)

Which might mean that a Mage can wield a sword if he has raised his sword level (?)

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I believe this is what it means.
It says that the character’s levels do not return to 1 after classing up and that they can continue using their old weapons.

Uhhhh guys is roy in this game???

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The guy who knows the jav holds the answer.

Now we’re waiting for fe6-7 remakes (for Lyndis and Echidna)