Neen's terrible rebalance

FE6 rebalances, ya love 'em or you hate 'em. (I hate 'em)

But some horrible force of evil possessed me to want to make one of my own for the purpose of seeing if I could contribute any interesting ideas. I like FE6 a lot, but everyone has issues with their favorite games, I’m just not really the type to suck myself off when I fix something I have a minor issue with.

I’m not exactly confident in the buffs I’ve given to the personal bases of certain units, but I’m open to critiques on what I should change. Hard Mode is the intended difficulty, by the way.

Okay, maybe not ALL the units have been changed too drastically, but the earlygame of FE6 is the biggest hurdle to overcome. Not that I haven’t changed a few midgame units here and there though.

The goal here is to avoid going the route of making the game what is isn’t. I, for one, am I HUGE fan of FE6’s janky ass, though I believe I’ve made it clear enough of what my intentions are.

I’m using gringe’s FE6 Localization Patch, as it’s my preferred way to play FE6 on my laptop. Just thought I’d credit. It feels wrong to not.

(Wait a sec, how the heck do I even add the download?!)

Ehh, here’s a discord server for now.


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